Frozen's life lesson

Frozen's Life Lesson

Now, unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last 4 years, you know of Frozen! I have a beautiful 3 year old princess and I could probably recite the WHOLE movie, I know I can rock the songs with no background music or queing. The joys of motherhood.

Nevertheless, today I wanted to discuss something my little princess brought up to me and found it very profound. We live in Alberta and when it snows we say "Hi Elsa" or when we are done with snow we say "Take your snow back Elsa!" Today we are blessed with beautiful sunshine and are in tank tops and skirts, yes I did say we live in Canada and its March 11th!

Today my daughter asked where Elsa was, when there is no snow. We chatted about how she visits other countries and how she may just be playing in her castle with her sister. Then my little princess asked me this weighted question. "What does Anna do?" OUCH, here is the little sister of the Snow Queen, that saves the city from a frozen disaster and her sister from jail. But, in my daughters eyes, she does nothing.

I wanted to dive into this perception. Everyone has a cheer leader, ask any top celebrity or listen to any acceptance speech at an award ceremony, they thank their cheer leaders, the support system that lifted them and believed in them!

This is ANNA!!!! She was Elsa's, support system!! Without Anna, Elsa would be in her ice castle just singing to herself and not surrounded by people that loved and admired her. Elsa wouldn't be sharing her gift of creating the magic of snow and creating that sparkle in the children's eyes. Her gift would be locked up and she would never know how many lives she could of impacted and could of provided a happier and more fulfilled life.  She would of essentially "self sabotaged" herself. Powerful eh!

Do you feel this? I do, for sure! I know if I don't pursue and share my passion with others, I worry others would not know their full potential, they would not listen to THEIR heart and follow THEIR OWN DREAMS, they would not discover how STRONG they were and are, and that they have the choice tosay YES to themselves, they would know that self care is NOT SELFISH and they would know they are more valuable than they ever thought possible.

Holding back on your dreams, goals and desires has a WAY bigger impact on the world than you imagined, it does not just effect you.

Think about these successful people if they never followed their dreams

  • Steven Jobs
  • Michael Jordan
  • Oprah
  • Madonna

Can you imagine if they didn't have the strength within themselves to say YES to following their dreams? Can you imagine if they didn't have the support system to believe in them? What would our world would be like now?

Who is your Anna?

Who is your support system?

Who believes in you and your dreams, goals and desires?

Now, GO begin your journey of taking leaps towards your dreams, goals and desires. Share your vision with the world! Create an impact in the world with YOUR message!

Don't stay locked up in that ice castle! 

Feeling Alive,