Fitness VS Life Challenges

I have discovered in my adulthood, you have to challenge yourself or none will (unless you reach out for a coach or mentor).
You have to be open to challenges and be ready for struggles and successes. 
In Fitness and in Life you have to step outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself for progress to be made.

In fitness when you switch up your training program from high reps to low reps this can create a physical and mental challenge. Physically, you are lifting a bigger load and mentally you feel 6 reps is "not enough" even though you are grunting through the last two.

In Life when you challenge yourself, it usually starts with new goals and bigger ideas. Then it transforms to new routines, self development and an investment into yourself. A slower and gradual change, BUT DO NOT underestimate the challenge of a life change.

Personally, over a year ago, I struggled with the Life challenges more than the fitness challenges and I don't know if it is because, I trusted my fitness experience more than I trust my life experience haha. Though it was true, whenever I switched to a new training routine, yes the muscles were screaming and I was walking a little bit different for a couple days, nevertheless - I loved it and trusted in it. When it was a LIFE challenge and change, I found it took me a bit longer to jump on the train. I think it took me about 4 weeks to consistently get into the routine of meditating. While I was sitting there in peace, I was struggling with kicking ever positive and negative thought out of my mind during meditation. It wasn't until I used guided short meditations that I learned how to do it effectively for me. Once that was accomplished I gradually removed the guided meditation to my own meditation.  With me valuing myself more and acknowledging my energy more, I find it easier to challenge and TRUST my life changes now, compared to over a year ago. 

In Fitness, I feel the struggle and in my head I'm saying "shit this hurts" YET once it is done, I want to do it all over again!!! Yes I'm that kinda crazy!

In Life, when I open an old wound or try deeper thinking or shed some tears, I may mumble "This sucks" or "Ouch- there's a reality kick in the pants for me" and after - yes I am proud to have a break through, yet I am not running towards the next one like fitness! I honestly can say I procrastinated one of my life coaching tasks my coach gave me for weeks, because whenever I started it I couldn't finish it. I felt like a failure and cried. Not my jam! Through the pain though, I did accomplish it and I see WHY she wanted me to do it and I highly value the exercise we did. Though at the time, it was a struggle I could not over come or convince myself it will be better when it is complete. Without my coach and someone supporting me in this exercise - it would never have been done. Thus holding back my own potential. Now I know my limitless potential and how I view it and how I view others opinions of it.

I do ask you to challenge yourself in life and in fitness.

Without these challenges we become stagnant and restricted by our own limitations. 


Reach for the 25 lbs for the back squat

Reach for the new self development book

Reach to obtain new goals in life and fitness

Discover you are limitless and you are an amazing woman.

You can achieve ANYTHING you put your mind to! 

Have a wonderful day feeling ALIVE


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