Finish strong

Starting Strong is Good. Finishing Strong is Epic.
— Robin Sharma

I admire this statement for a few different reasons. On a physical reason for being able to DIG DEEP and sprint for the last kilometer. On the spirutal side for being able to step out side of your comfort zone and be consistent with working on yourself from the inside out. And on the mental side for the self talk battles that happen.

It also shows the strength required to start something new.

To start anything, meal prep, workout routine, new job, meeting new friends - it all requires strength physically, spiritually and mentally. It's pushing you out of your comfort zone and creating new habits and new routines. It can be scary! It's the unknown and that's why I believe it requires a lot of STRENGTH to start anything.

When you've made the intentional step to start something, then starts the dedication and commitment to YOURSELF. This requires your mental strength, more than your physical. 

"Your body will achieve what your mind believes" 

5 mindful strategies and exercises to strengthen your mind are:

  1. Discover your why and your drive behind you stepping outside of your comfort zone
  2. Use words like "I AM ..." instead of  "I can't" or "I WILL..." instead of "I want"
  3. Remind yourself "This is MY choice!"
  4. Tell yourself this is important to YOU.
  5. Imagine it already accomplished- how does it feel, what does it look liked, who is with you, what do you hear yourself say?

Here are a couple examples of the mind wanting to control you and keep you safe.

Starting a new job.

Head says:  "At the old job I would do it this way and it's an easier way of doing it. People were friendlier at the old job. I liked the coffee shop by the old place"

Heart says: "I have an opportunity to learn here. I'm excited to have new work colleagues. There's a Thai place down the road I am going to try"

The head always wants to keep you save and SUCK YOU BACK IN. The heart looks for the happy and positive side. This battle can go on for days, weeks, months and years.

The same battle will happen in fitness

Head says: "The bed is nice and warm, 15 mins longer wont make a big difference. I'm tight on time so maybe I'll just do cardio. I want to be able to walk tomorrow so I'll lower my weights."

Heart says: "You will feel 100x better if you get up now. Start your day and feel energized and happy. If I have to cut it short, I'll go for a walk tonight with the family to make it up. I'm excited to share with everyone my workout tomorrow."

Have you ever had those battles?

Your head justifies anything and everything to return you to what it percieves your "normal/comfortable" state.To be honest, I have had those battles - I STILL DO! No-one is perfect. But what keeps me going, what pushes me out of bed, what excites me is knowing I CAN and WILL BE STRONGER every step I give myself!

That is WHY I love Robin Sharma's saying. "Finishing strong is EPIC" 

It shows yourself


You were destined for MORE and you will receive MORE when you FINISH STRONG.


More Love

More Strength

More recognition


Have a wonderful Day feeling Alive!