FEARLESS like my 4yr old!

Give yourself a few moments to observe a child play, jump into a pool, ride a bike or kick a soccer ball... anything they do THEY GO ALL OUT!

There is no twinkle toeing around it, THEY GO ALL OUT!

As we mature, the mind starts to think of the "what if's" in life. It starts to question "Why are you doing this" and starts saying things like "You MAY get hurt" or "Did you know the consequence of this" ... these little conversations create FEAR in your head. 

And what does fear do? It takes from you! 

  • It TAKES away your courage!
  • It TAKES away your confidence!
  • It TAKES away your strength!

I don't know about you but there are moments, I move slowly into the pool, cause it's a wee bit cold or I run slower at the beginning of my run, just in case I get too tired. I've also held back on making big dreams ("Watch out- it can't be too big of goals, people may talk about it"- would circle in my head). 

There's another fear, we fear what others think of us! uck- I strongly dislike this fear!

I have been a people pleaser and proud to say I'm less of one now (YAY mini happy dance!)! I will admit, I still am from time to time. What happens when I did people please, I ignored what I was feeling to make sure the other person was happier. I was putting their happiness in front of mine because I feared they may not like what I had to say. That sounds ludicrous eh! It happened. And I'd admit it in myself. Each time it happens though, I learn from it and acknowledge why I did it, how it made me feel and move forward. MOVING ON UP! 

I have also fallen victim to fear controlling myself. Believe me, its not something that I packed around thinking, "Hey I'm living in fear of success" or "Hey I'm living in fear of having too much fun or dreaming too big".

Sound familiar? 

A few years ago, I was playing small because I feared if me and Alive grew "too much" I'd have to move the fitness studio to a commercial space, which would lead to me increasing prices, which would take away from my passion. ALL OF THIS FEAR was made up in my head!! Again - fear taking away from me! 

I was so worried, I blocked myself from success --- BEFORE I EVEN TRIED!

I always share to inspire you - Ways that I have learned and am currently using, to overcome fear and negative self talk is minimizing the voice and declaring "It is not longer of service to me"! BOOM. Mic Drop. That is all. Kicking it out my head and giving my heart the main stage to SING LOUDLY, overcomes the negative, fearful, self doubting voice. I'm giving myself and my heart permission to live freely!! 

Living freely is a life I love! 

This year I have made the powerful intention to be FEARLESS. My powerful intention will be supported and guided with my PASSION.

My role model to be FEARLESS will be a few women in my industry and my constant reminder who I live with, my FEARLESS 4 YR OLD! If you need anyone to show you what "fearless" looks like, just look at my daughter! She is a ball of determination, energy and has NO FEAR (she was literally mad at the jelly fish who stung her on Christmas day!). With her inspiring me every minute of the day and with my strong women industry leaders guiding me- I'M READY!


Are you ready to be FEARLESS with me?


Have a wonderful day,


My daughter was featured on the @tooprettybrand #nevertoopretty Instagram account today. "Never too Pretty" is a clothing company in the USA with a passion for showing women and girls that they are never too pretty to become whatever they desire or "Never too Pretty to HIT like a boy" (my fav!)! 

Check out their site here: https://www.tooprettybrand.com/