What type of bird are you?


I know what you are thinking, what type of bird am I? What type of question is that Kelsey? Where the hell are you going with this?

Well, I will tell you and share with you where I am going with this? 

Over the last couple weeks I have heard numerous women referring to themselves as "ducks". I found this very interesting  on terming themselves "ducks", meaning calm above water and paddling like a mo fo underneath. Hmmm... this is pretty interesting.

Think about that for second, calm on the surface running around crazy underneath..... hmmmm

I fully believe I have lived this "duck" life and now am aware that yes, I felt that everything was under control yet it wasn't.

My whole world wasn't  working as one. Nothing was in sync and it was almost a show for the public.



Taking a spin on another bird animal, think about a crow. They scavenge and eat anything and everything. They have no real values or standards, they just grab what they can.

When I started my business and started following my heart, anyone that showed interest in my business I would accept and try to work with. Were they my ideal client? No but HEY- it was business. After a month of being a "crow" I felt drained, unmotivated and under valued. I knew then I had to get more focused on my clients being who I wanted to attract and more focused on what I wanted in LIFE!

I'm not just surviving day to day (like a crow) I am THRIVING day to day!

I can wait for that ideal client, I can wait for the universe to listen and react to my requests. I have the patience and trust in myself that everything will all work out. 


My next spin on the bird theme is the Eagle.

Everyone wants to be an eagle! They are powerful, focused and majestic. They soar through over the ocean effortlessly and are looked upon as leader with other birds.

How the heck do we go from DUCK, skip CROW and arrive at EAGLE?

Well, this all starts within YOU!

It starts within you trusting yourself and minimizing the self doubt. 

Try taking these 5 steps towards being an Eagle

  • Taking the moments to own your ideal client.
  • Own your own dreams and be focused! 
  • Taking the time to recognize how AWESOME you are! 
  • Recognizing there is more than enough business in the world for you to be successful (Do eagles wonder if the Salmon population is down, NO! They dive bomb and get their food!)
  • Be strong and UNSTOPPABLE


Each one of you has a wonderful heart, unique soul and a powerful passion.

Unleash it and discover your SUCCESS.

Feeling Alive,