Done Good or Never done and Perfect

Who are my perfectionists here? 

I know I have some! 

And, I know I can be one from time to time. 

The other day, I was listening to my book The Big Magic , while running and she shared this powerful message:

 It is better be to done good THAN never to be done and perfect.

Hmmm... I questioned this  as I ran and said "If it's perfect wouldn't it be done?"

No, it wouldn't be.

Because I wouldn't allow it to be.

If I was to make something "PERFECT" I would be CONSTANTLY upgrading it, adding to it and would be playing the never ending game of "it's not enough" 

"Done good"... I honestly don't feel pride in only doing good, I like to pride myself on doing GREAT and higher, as she related to it,  she said "it's like half assing it". AND if you know me, I'm fully against half assing it! I joke to Alive members all the time about putting your whole ass in and getting the job done... yes done... hmmm there's that word "done".

Maybe it's not perfect but it's done and that's the message here. 


I then reflected to myself (now completely covered in sweat, legs tired, breathing heavy), whenever I had limiting belief thought like "This isn't good enough" IT HELD ME BACK! I feed the fear! I can honestly tell you that I have blogs and inspirational notes that never got published or sent out because I thought "it's not perfect".


But, what is perfect in my eyes? 

I have no friggin' clue!

Why am I holding something back when I don't even know WHAT IS PERFECT to me! 

Are you able to describe to me what perfect is in your eyes? 

It's a hard question to answer and one that has the potential to hold us back. 

Circling back to "Done good OR never done and perfect", it does speak to me. I want to do good, NO I WANT TO DO FREAKING GREAT! 

I want to empower and support women on a higher level and that will be done good or GREAT. Done perfect? NOPE (and I'm happy with that). Because I don't believe there is a perfect, I believe that perfect is the word holding me back saying "I'm not there yet" or "Not quiet Kelsey".  

That "perfect" word no longer serves me and is no longer needed to restrict me. 

I will serve, as I always have with my heart open and believe that, that alone, is my version of perfect and will not allow those limiting thoughts to hold me back. 

Are you ready to define "perfect" on your terms?!

Have a wonderful day




Kelsey Davidson