distracted cardio

Turn on the Netflix

Turn on the "Dreadmill"

And game on for the next 30 minutes. 

I've heard it lots and I've done it myself. I'm not going to say I haven't spent hours on a treadmill watching movies. I have.

In those moments of monotonous steps and arms swinging and Netflix watching, we start to check out.

  • Check out of our foot strike
  • Check out of our arm swing
  • Check out of our breathing
  • Check out of our pace
  • Check out of our stance
  • Check out of our hip position

Everything slowly becomes out of alignment and this is where injuries happen....dun dun.. dunnnnnn

I know running 10 minutes or a hour on a treadmill can feel like days but believe me, it will feel a hundred times longer if you get injured. Distracted cardio is a real issue! It's important that we feel our foot strike, that we keep our chest up and open, that we keep our arms pumping and not flailing around. It's important that we keep checked into what the task is at hand and that we stay focused. Doesn't mean we can't have fun while experiencing it. Some of my best thoughts, ideas and dreams have come while running on the dreadmill.

To be honest, the thought of having a fitness company came while I was running. 

On a scientific proven side, running has been proven to be a form of meditation. The thought of "Flow" was introduced by Csikszentmihalyi, a Hungarian psychologist  in the 1970's. He introduced "flow" as a state of being totally and blissfully immersed in a task, while happening almost on a higher level.  Many runners have felt this, and have referred to these feelings like the euphoric "runners high".This was also explained as "existence is temporarily suspended". While in this subjective state he noted that there was a merging of action and awareness between participants. And also "distortion of temporal experience" meaning that time had passed quicker than assumed. Ask a runner how long they have been running for, and usually they will say "x amount of minutes but felt like 5!"

Here you go, one of the few times spirituality and science are on the same page!

{photo credit Jenifer Sanders} 

{photo credit Jenifer Sanders} 

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