Day 2 of Feeling Alive

Welcome to Day 2 of Feeling Alive, how did Day 1 go? Don't worry if you haven't accomplished the workout yet but please schedule it in so you MAKE IT HAPPEN!! 

Today I'm encouraging snacks, tabata and journaling! 

Starting with

PHYSICAL --- Tabata is one of my favourite HIIT workouts. Why? Because you can run through a full body workout in anywhere from 16 minutes - 24 minutes. It is great! Each round of Tabata is 4 minutes and you can make a great variety of exercises, challenging your strength and cardio. 

Here is today's workout

hiit@home (2).jpg

Mental and FOOD --- Like I discussed yesterday having proper nutrution will help you with focus and clarity. What will also help is proper nutrition while exercising. Anytime you exercise over 45 minutes, it is suggested that you replenish with carbohydrates, fat and proteins. This will give you a boost towards your activity or sport. I strongly recommend packing snacks for the golf course or for the marathon. This snack needs to support your activity and your body. When you are able to replenish your body, you are replenishing your mind. 

This will lead to less negative self talk. How? Think about when you start to get depleted and exhausted, what consumes your mind? "WHY AM I PLAYING SO BAD?" And then this lead to a spiral of "bad luck" of racing or shots. Well, its not bad luck, it's your body struggling to keep up! It's struggling! Help it out and throw it a snack. Here is a great snack


Lastly, let's talk about your spiritual and mind set part

Spiritual -  If you have ever had a discussion about mind set with me you will know HOW passionate I am about journaling. Why? Because I have had HUGE success in my own progress of healthier thinking and stronger connection within. And I have seen HUGE improvements with my members as well. I encourage journaling with an intention. Starting off with journaling on reflection of your day and showing yourself gratitude. 

Us as adults and our children think alike.

You may not know it, but you love to be praised.

It feels good!

Think about a child starting to say their first word, we encourage and encourage it, as much as it turns into their our toddler talk. We encourage it and celebrate it! Why not as adults? As you learn a new recipe or try a new workout or accomplish the daily duties, why not celebrate yourself for making the impact you are making.  Yes, everyone says, "It feels goofy." or "It's my duty- it's not my impact" *Newsflash* you have the choice to make a healthy meal for your family or grab Mc Donalds, every night you make a choice and in that SINGLE CHOICE you are making an impact on your health and your families. You may not see the big picture of the impact but take a step back and think about if you did the opposite than what you choose. Life would be different. Attitudes would be different. Your choice has a ripple effect and I ENCOURAGE you to journal about your impact and show yourself gratitude for this impact.

You are making waves in your day to day life, recognize it!

Celebrate it! 

As you start to try new exercise routines, try new recipes, try new mind set/spiritual practices, your mind will FIGHT YOU. It will want you to return to "normal". Normal for the mind is comfort but you and I know you are DESTINED for more, so get uncomfortable and TRUST that you are getting stronger physically, mentally and spiritually. And every step you give yourself is a step towards your NEW COMFORT zone! 

Have a wonderful day


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Kelsey Davidson