Day 1 of Feeling Alive


I don't know if it was the solar eclipse or the hype about it but this morning I woke up rested and ready to run! Over the last week I have exhausted myself physically, mentally and spiritually and today was the first day I woke up NEEDING/WANTING/DESIRING to run!

Have you ever had those moments when you can't get your runners on fast enough?! You are THAT MOTIVATED!!!

 This was me today!

I also don't know if it's because I had a great weekend with Quinn's Legacy Society and am EXCITED for the 5 days of FEELING ALIVE hosted in the Women's Fitness and Fun Facebook Group  

Never the less, I tied up my shoes and WENT!!!

It felt hard, it felt challenging, it was slower than normal and it felt AMAZING!!!!!! And amazing is what I reach for!   

Anyways, that's enough about me, let me give you some AWESOME Feeling Alive TIPS AND TRICKS.

Starting with

PHYSICAL --- You need to recognize the energies that build up throughout the day in your body and this can be released in numerous ways. One of my favourite ways is either running,HIIT or Kick Boxing. All great ways for me to clear my head and release everything. I love and appreciate emptying my tank out and leaving it all THERE.

My goal leaving a workout is to leave stronger and exhausted! haha it's true.

hiit@home (1).jpg


MENTAL- Keeping yourself hydrated is key to clear thinking. Here is a great home made electrolyte drink. Everyone, you, me, your neighbor, we all at one point have been dehydrated and blamed it on something else.

For example, I'm having a hard time lifting today.... give yourself a couple minutes and think about how much water you have had in the last 24 hours... 

For example, I can't seem to concentrate on this task at work. I ask you, "Have you been sitting in a warm office for hours on end and slowly dehydrating yourself?" Step away, grab some water and then start up. You'll notice a difference. 

I love to share this recipe for a couple reasons. It's yummy and it doesn't have all the extra sugars that Gatorade or Poweraide have. Nothing against them, I use them from time to time. When I have the time and space to make my own or buy a healthy alternative like Ultima, I do!

Yes your body needs sugar with a strenuous workout but NOT TO THE EXTENT that those other brands give you.

If you know you have a weekend of sports or activities, try making a big batch of these, pour it into water bottles and have them ready as a grab and go for your kids and you! 



SPIRITUAL - Let's tap into our women's health. We are different than men and let's celebrate that! We need love. We have hormones and we experience life differently internally and externally!  I wrote this blog to give you suggestions on how to tap into each one.  And how to STEP AWAY from the scale (it's an appliance like a toaster, blender or coffee maker, don't measure your life on it.  If you are to weigh yourself , only once a month)

I hope each one of these will give you a closer insight to WHY  I am so passionate about feeling alive!

And each one of these elements is fundamental in YOU FEELING ALIVE!



* Kelsey

{Tomorrow I will send you DAY 2  of Feeling Alive!  Make sure if you accomplish the workout or the recipe, to tag #alivefitfam }

Kelsey Davidson