Consistency is Key

Sometimes, I don't listen!

Yes I did just admit that sometimes as trainer I DON'T LISTEN! I know that consistency is the key to success in any goal but I have seen myself fall off my own fitness programs. There are a number of contributors of why I have fallen off at times and I could make a list OR I COULD JUST OWN UP.  The truth is, I wasn't being consistent and staying true to me. Over the past year, I have been more consistent with my running and have seen huge developments with it. I have been more consistent with opening my heart and welcoming in new Alive Family members and it has grown.

Consistency is key in any goal.

Consistency doesn't lie either. The time and energy you invest into your own goals can't be faked, the outcome will show your dedication. It will show the time and energy was neglected, leading to you neglecting yourself. OUCH eh! 

I struggled with consistency 2 years ago and was spiraling with emotions from all angels. I was hurting from grief, I was wanting bigger things for Alive, I was feeling unaligned as a trainer, and what did I do?


YES,  I did do a FEW of them but THEN... 

I reached out, I reached out to my support system and asked for support and help. This is when Brandy Corcoran became my Spiritual Coach. She laid me out a calendar that gave to my whole body, mind and spirit and one that I would commit to and stay consistent with. Committing has never been hard for me - what I have struggled with in the past was the CONSISTENCY. I could commit to running 20k a week, but it may of been 2 10k runs or 5 4k runs, SEE, not consistent.

Now, I'm proudly consistent and successful with ME and my fitness! 

What have you done to stay consistent?

* Have your tried scheduling more effectively?

* Have you communicated your goals to your coach/mentor/spouse/friend? 

* Had a vision board?

* Have you tried the rewards program - example- When I release 5lbs I put  $5 into a jar and when the jar is at ___ I will reward my dedication and consistency by giving myself ________

Being consistently dedicated is what will move you towards limitless possibilities IF YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! 

When you believe ANYTHING is possible, you become LIMITLESS! 

Consistency is the ROOT of SUCCESS

I'd love to hear how you stay consistent and your consistency successes -comment below


Have a great day,