Carry on

My son came home from school, and each month they are given a new theme song. And the songs the school picks are usually meaningful and usually make me cry. My son has a way of  feeling and understanding music,lyrics and  beats, and this all started at a young age with me. He is very musically inclined but doesn't play an instrument (funny eh)

Today, was no different, my son, Carter came home with this song and I KNEW I had to share it with you. It is called Carry on, it is featured in the Disney movie "Bears" and performed by Olivia Holt. 

This song was meant for me to hear as we were doing disconnect time. As many of you know, I run a fitness studio and without my husbands support, my children being amazing and with out YOU, Alive family members and supporters, I wouldn't be as successful. Life can get chaotic in our home with classes happening, coaching appointments and activities on the go. But when it is disconnect time, it is time to stop and just appreciate the moment we are in. This is why the song was so fitting.

 I always had this vision, even when I worked at a Big Box Gym (8 years ago), of opening this empowering place for women to feel safe, to feel strong and to be confident in. And this has been my life for the last 3 years, my vision IS happening, YES IT STILL feels surreal and I am still very VERY passionate about it! I am very appreciative to be waking up and training women towards their goals or waking up and coaching women towards their own dreams, it makes me leap out of bed! Thank you. 

Something about me, you may not know but I love honesty and reward it (cookies and all). What is the point of lieing? I find it has no positive use! Hence, I'm pretty honest with my son and I share with him the business side of things, programs, coaching, set up for classes, it's fun to do together. I do this, so he recognizes the effort to be an entrepreneur but also the harmony Mom, I, create for him to have a Mom pick him up from school and attend school events and extra curricular activities.

Today, when he came home with this song I was like WOW Buddy, there was a reason for this today and he said something HUGE that I have to share with you. 

We sat down to listen to this song, then we listened to it a couple more times on repeat, for me to absorb it a bit more. Then we talked about this song, of course by this point, I am emotional. We talked about following our dreams and what his dream was - He wants to be famous by BMX tricks. We talked about having the dedication and courage to follow our dreams. There is a part of the chorus that says "No-one ever said this will ever be easy, my love, But I'll be by your side when the impossible rises" I mention to Carter without his support, Dad's support and Nora's support, following AND LIVING my dream would still BE A  dream. He pipes up, as he does, and he says "We encourage you to follow your dreams Mom" And my jaw drops! Yes Carter, you do encourage me and with that encouragement I do rise up.

As the song continues it says "We will leave our foot prints behind and carry on" I then ask him, what foot prints will you leave behind? His reply- BIG ONES! 

Yes my son, they will be big ones! 

I ask you, what foot prints will you leave behind?  We are on this planet for such a short period time, create, inspire and empower anyone and everyone! 

Feeling Alive,

Here is the song in case you wanted to hear it: