Can I get the "runners high" and not run?


I'm sure you've heard all about the "runner's high" and how great men and women feel post run. But I wanted to let you know that you can get that "runner's high" without running!!! sayyyy what... I know eh. Sounds crazy but it's true!

The runners high that every runner talks about is simply a euphoric release of chemical reactions in your body to produceendorphin's. This can happen post walk, hike, bike ride, HIIT workout or anything active. It can also happen post meditation. Yes, even meditating!!! 


What happens, is that when you are post any activity that pushed your body out of it's comfort zone and made you proud. Your body releases neurotransmitters called endorphin's. This chemical release of endorphin's have been referred to making you feel like you're UNSTOPPABLE or you're LIMITLESS or you're worth a BILLION DOLLARS.

It's a super high feeling within. 


Runners talk about it the most because it has had the most publicity about it but I want you to know of a little secret. You can actually release this "runner's high" by doing up your shoe laces! I encourage women that are struggling with getting out the door to make their goal "tieing up my shoes". And I'm being sneaky here, because once they accomplish that one goal, the happy chemical reaction will happen and endorphin's will come out to play! This will propel you to take life another step closer towards your goals and out the door to the gym you go! 

And I've got ANOTHER SECRET, these neurotransmitters can be released at any time. You can experience them by pushing your body to a new level or accomplishing a successful task! 

But we can't experience this high without recognizing it!

This is why I suggest you to celebrate and be aware of when you have accomplished something. Because even runners miss out on their "runner's high" because they are so consumed with their next step. Stop and appreciate what you have just accomplished and this can release your swing of momentum moving you forward! 

There you go, you don't need to run to experience a "runner's high"



Do more and you will release more - JUST ANOTHER REASON TO SWEAT MORE! 

Have a wonderful day,


Kelsey Davidson is owner of Alive Fitness & Wellness. She empowers and strengthens women to FEEL ALIVE again!

Kelsey Davidson is owner of Alive Fitness & Wellness. She empowers and strengthens women to FEEL ALIVE again!