Can I be lazy and active? YES!!

Watching someone be active ALL THE TIME, can get exhausting! I know. People tell me all the time that "I'm fully of energy" or say "it's exhausting watching you do everything" I get it I do a lot. I do a lot because it's what I LOVE. If you love knitting I'm sure you've got a couple projects going on and balls of yarn everywhere. I'm like that with fitness and running. I've got runners everywhere and own more workout clothes then dress clothes. 

Nevertheless today I wanted to share how you can be LAZY and be ACTIVE. I know you're probably thinking, "Kels this is an oxymoron what the heck are you saying?" What I'm saying is that being "active" doesn't require a whole lot and you can be in your lazy mode and still be active. 

You've heard it lots before and I'll state the obvious lazy active tricks, park your car the farthest away from the mall, take the stairs when you can, walk in the coffee shop rather than using the drive through. So we got those ones done.

Let's move onto MINE! 

  • What do you do while your brushing your teeth? If you're like  90% of the population you stand or sit while you scrub away. Why not do a wall seat?! Hold a wall seat while you brush your teeth! Work those quads! 
  • Picking up toys can be an NEVER ENDING JOB, why not squat when you pick up a toy. Instead of causing strain on your lower back by bending over, squat it out!  Slowly your legs will gain strength OR slowly you'll be cursing at your kids more to pick up their toys as your legs are wobbly from countless squats!
  • How about waiting for your pot to boil or the coffee to brew, why not do push ups on the counter. Just a couple. Challenge yourself, how many can you do while the water boils. 
  • Commercials, god they can be annoying but know what they can also be fast forwarded OR give you an opportunity to do a mini core workout. Instead of getting up for a snack while the commercial is on or while the partner is changing shows. Why not do 10 reverse crunches, 10 leg raises and 10 crunches. Doing these each night will slowly get easier and you will progress. Or challenge your partner to a plank off. See how long you can hold it for. Friendly competition is always GREAT! 
  • Lastly, for you office peeps. How many times do you either wheel your chair to the printer or wait til you have a few sheets to get up and get the printer load? Instead of wheeling your way over, lunge over! Yah you'll look goofy in the office but in a couple weeks when your ass is looking better than everyone else's in the office, who's laughing now!

Fitness doesn't have to be over the top fancy, it doesn't require a gym membership and it doesn't require you to OVERLY ACTIVE. What it does require is the mindset to make a change. Stay lazy if you want, stay comfortable but do these couple changes and GIVE yourself better health and stronger muscles. 

Have a wonderful day

- Kelsey

Kelsey Davidson, founder of Alive Fitness & Wellness.   Passionately empowering and strengthening women around the world to feel alive! 

Kelsey Davidson, founder of Alive Fitness & Wellness. 

Passionately empowering and strengthening women around the world to feel alive!