Break The Shell

As some of you know, I am connected to music. I can't play any instruments haha but somehow I can connect with it on another level. I found this artist a few months ago and then as life happens, I forgot about her.

While I was creating a video for my friend, I thought of this artist and of course on YouTube when you watch one video, it automatically plays another one and another one. I came across a few songs that over the last couple days I have been jamming out to! 

This morning when I sat down to start my power hours of investment into Alive, I heard this song in my head and felt to share it with you today. It simply lays out how if you do not break through the shell, you will never know your potential.

When I start with a success life coaching client, I like to start with a couple exercises to see where they are at today and where they want to be at. I remember when I was starting Alive I was taking safe baby steps. I started with offering 2 classes a week, they did sell out in a hour so I then offered 4... and that was my safe zone for a year. Until I started reaching a bit more and bit more. I started listening to what women were asking of me and what their struggles were. Then I brought in a Mommy morning class and a few other classes, as I broke out of my shell I was able to support and empower more women. 

As I started to hear them talk about the mental battles and the struggle in balance I became certified as a Life Coach to again empower and support them on a new level. With my heart leading the way and my ears open to the women's heart I have been able to support you on more than one level. 

Similar to training for my very first running race. I would only commit to a 5k. Could my body do a 10k or half marathon? For sure! But my mind said "stay safe with the 5k" But you know me, I like to push the envelop with my personal training and I knew with proper training anything is possible. And I was right -- ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE with proper training and 2 years later I completed my one and only full marathon. 

In the song India Arie says "You cannot touch the sky from inside the shell" If you are not willing and able to step out of your comfort zone and reach new levels, you will never discover the levels you could reach and the impact you could have on the world! If you do not trust in yourself to break through, reach out and ask your closest friends, your support system, your coach/mentor because I bet money on it -THEY TRUST IN YOU! Now, it is your time to trust in yourself and BREAK THE SHELL!  "You will be stuck on the ground, until you break the shell" 

Life for me in an adventure, a thrill, a feeling of ALIVE! I live for the women for want to take themselves to new levels physically, emotionally, professionally and spiritually. I live for the moments of being scared and intimated to SHOW MYSELF I can do this!

To be honest, this past weekend showed me something I had dreamed of but hadn't put it in reality. I have always dreamed about being on stage for my fitness (not for a fitness competition), dreamed of getting the crowd going, inspiring a crowd to move and smile, empower everyone to shine a little brighter. This weekend at the "Rock the House" event, I was able to do this. I have ran numerous warm ups, fitness events with 60-80 ppl at them, presented at my seminars and such, but this was a stage with hundred of people watching ME and my warm up crew. At first I was a wee bit intimated (that lasted 2 seconds) then I jumped up on stage and grabbed the mic and LOVED IT!  I felt at ease, I felt this was my calling and felt confident. 

If I had let those two seconds of intimation speak to my heart- who knows- maybe I would of sneaked back into my shell and not had the impact I did. I have received such beautiful thank you notes, comments and appreciation from managers and organizers of that event on how my warm up stage presence was "top notch".


I was being ME-  I was "Be who you are" as she states in the song. I was not listening to my head to stay safe, I was only listening to my heart. And so very thankful I did


To finish off my love for this song, allow these words to sing to your heart

We are simply doing the best that we can and when we have the choice to live our life or truly be alive- this is your life”
— India Arie

Have a wonderful day,  Feeling Alive



Kelsey Davidson