Be that voice

As I write, I'm writing from my heart center. 


Yesterday I announced I'll doing events across Canada and USA empowering women and girls to feel alive, strong and fearless. I wanted to share my message and my big desire is for girls to believe in themselves and for women to acknowledge their strengths! 

I opened up my Ambassador program, where women/girls would apply and I would support them, motivate them and then they would send me input on where to host next events and where they feel in their community I can support them more. I would also give the Ambassador a platform to share her story, submit blog posts, and I would celebrate, boost and support her fitness and life.

It was created, just like all of Alive, on a giving and receiving commitment. 

Never did I expect to hear the stories I have heard over the last 15 hours. 

I know my message is strong and it's strong for me because I know if I didn't have the coaches, parents and social support system that kept believing in me- I would of been a static and dropped out.

Straight up, I will not sugar coat it.

I loved sports and I loved being active, but when I was younger I was lost in adolescence like many young girls. Any type of failure I wanted to give up and quit. But I didn't because my support system didn't let me (usually they know us better than ourselves)

Waking up early to travel for soccer made me happy, but it made me happy because I was doing something I loved and I had that support system. If I would of had negative external messages, I know life would of been a lot different, even as an adult.

Having a sport in my life gave me determination, confidence, a positive outlet and trust in myself and in my support system. To this day, I'm still best friends with the same girls from grade 4 &5, one played soccer with me and one made sure I kept playing soccer (she knew it was my happy place and pushed me to be a better player).

  • I couldn't imagine a life, where my parents, friends, or coaches didn't support where I was hoping to go with my sport.
  • I couldn't imagine hitting a road block at such a vulnerable age.
  • I couldn't imagine being able to give up after failing, after all - we do learn more from failing than success! 

Yet, over the last few hours I've heard of NUMEROUS road blocks being put up against girls sports, stigma and accessibility. It boggles my mind.

I know it's out there.

I see it and hear it, but the stories I have received have been tremendous - THANK YOU!  With that, please know I'm on your side and if you have a story please share it with me.

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This upcoming weekend I'm working with a skateboarding company that provides and empowers girls ages 4-14 years old to try something they have always wanted to, but maybe have held back. Giving them the space to experience and try something new with a fun environment. I'm excited to be apart of Skate Rising and excited to see where our relationship grows to next. On Sunday morning, I get to strengthen Moms and the daughters, together, with physical fitness followed by mental strength. I love these combinations! Giving them an experience to be stronger as individual and stronger as one unit. 

 Events like these excite me!


Because even if I inspire one more girl to push past the social stigma, the road blocks and the limiting beliefs she can be STRONG and FEARLESS. She can have confidence in what she loves to do and believe in herself!  

I hope to strength the voice in her head that says "Watch me" or "I am". For women, I hope to grow and elevate their voice to hear themselves say "I'm more than enough", "I'm proud of where I'm at right now" or "I inspire others with my actions" 

And I've got a secret--->  You are ready to be fearless! You're ready to stare fear in the eye and challenge it!

Your are more than ready to break past limiting beliefs within yourself and externally. Kick those limiting thoughts to the curb and know you are LIMITLESS!

 You are more than enough

You are beautifully strong

Have a great day

Thank you for all the Ambassador feedback and stories, keep them coming I love them!

- Kelsey


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