Are you up for the challenge?

I usually do a video on Monday's and deliver motivation right to your email or to your Facebook news feed and today I thought I would deliver it differently. 


Because, it's fun to shake things up! 

When was the last time you shook up your regular routine?

  • Got a coffee from a new coffee shop?
  • Listened to a new playlist?
  • Tried a new fitness class

I find it exhilarating to try something new! (I always know that the old ways will always be there, like a blanket if I fall. )

I'm going to be honest. There are too many of us stuck in our ways. Stuck doing the same thing day in and day out. Stuck eating the same foods. Stuck driving the same road every day and shopping at the same store. 

What makes your TODAY different than YESTERDAY? 

Today you have the choice to be STUCK in the same routine or BREAK FREE and try something new!

Try the unknown.

Push past the limits you have set on yourself.

If it takes you longer to accomplish the task, who cares? You tried something new! Maybe along that route you learned more and got to witness more! Trying something new brings you opportunities! 

Opportunities to experience life differently, learn new things and more importantly LEARN MORE ABOUT YOURSELF! 

It's good to get uncomfortable, it's good to be vulnerable and gosh it's GREAT to be scared! When you are scared, you are given the opportunity to TRUST in your strength, passion and purpose and OVER COME that feeling of scared. Realizing you can be FEARLESS! Trusting in yourself and your heart allow YOU to be fearless.

When was the last time you pushed past that fear?

How did it feel? Probably pretty amazing! You probably felt limitless and stronger than ever! You probably felt like a bad ass, kicking ass! You probably felt PRIDE! You probably felt stronger within and more aligned to WHO YOU ARE! All those amazing feelings are exactly what I'm talking about when you break out of the "stuck feeling". I know there is greatness waiting for you on the other side of risk taking and adventures.

Now, it's YOUR turn to see YOUR OWN GREATNESS!


What can you DO TODAY to push yourself out of your comfort zone and learn about YOU? I can't wait to hear all about it and know there is GREATNESS awaiting you! 

Have  a wonderful day,


Kelsey Davidson