Are you ready to hear this...

Are you ready for this?

And I mean it. Are you really ready to hear 5 of my HARD AND HONEST truths?! 

This morning I was having an open and honest conversation with a friend, and this sparked a topic that I feel very passionate about and it is "choices and life lessons". I truly feel that you have the choice to be happy and healthy. It frustrates me when you don't see your true value, it infuriates me when you doubt yourself and it upsets me when you sit on your pain for long periods of time. Why does it create a fire within me? Because I'm passionate, and I feel very deeply on what you feel.

My biggest hope and desire for you is to see your limitless potential and have you feel ALIVE.

It is YOUR choice to OWN your life and learn from it.

Or be a bystander and watch your life pass by.


It is YOUR choice to be happy and healthy. Today I'm dishing out my hard and honest truths to create a stronger YOU, all from my heart.

If you are ready...

Read further...

If not... then STOP

Here it is, my 5 HARD AND HONEST truths

1. It's not your office jobs fault you are 10lbs over weight. (I gave you fair warning, I'm being honest) You have the choice to either go for a walk/workout at lunch, wake up earlier for your workout or do it after work, park farthest away from your building and please pack or choose a healthy lunch! YOU HAVE THE CHOICE! As a result of YOU not taking action on your health, you are 10lbs over weight. NOT the job you have.

2. Kids can LOSE too! In life there are winners and there are losers. (Oh yah, I'm going there) Even at young ages, you will have winners and you will have losers. This teaches our children so much more than the actual sport. Society as a whole took away winners and losers in children's sports. WHY? Because of PARENTS and FEELING being hurt! Parents that were getting too competitive, were getting too involved and trying to pressure their kids. Hey, I get it I want my kid to succeed but I also want him to know, that it takes hard work, determination and dedication to have a winning result! Feelings- well, sorry kids -- loosing sucks -- not getting the job I applied for also sucks-- but talking about feelings and not allowing there to be a winner SOLVES NOTHING! Kids can handle loosing, it's a part of growing up. Adults need to learn from this too. 

3. Eating great one day is not going to make you skinny! Eating like crap one day is not going to make you fat! It's what you do EACH AND EVERY DAY, that gives you the body you have! So what if you have  glass of wine on Friday night, it's a glass! Enjoy yourself. Reward yourself. You're allowed to LIVE LIFE while living a healthy one! Being consistent and living life in moderation IS A MUST! 

4. Your happiness is YOUR CHOICE. We have all had rough times and rough days. I'm not devaluing what you went through or are going through. What I am saying is that you have the choice to either sit on it OR move forward. As much as that first step forward is scary and painful, it is THE MOST IMPORTANT step you will ever take in your process! Give yourself that first step and life will brighten up.

5. Doing a 100 sit ups daily or a 100 squats daily will NOT strengthen you. It will actually do the REVERSE! By doing those large reps you are working your aerobic system which is oxygen dependent. Thus meaning, IT'S CARDIO! If you want your squats or your sit ups to be effective- work against gravity and slow down your tempo. Adding external weights like a barbell or dumb bell will increase the load forcing your legs/core to work harder. Increase the resistance and slash your reps down. THIS WILL STRENGTHEN YOU -- NOT 100+ reps! 


THERE IT IS!  My 5 hard and honest truths, I hope I didn't offend you or upset you. It all comes from my heart. I'm sharing these truths with you to show you how to GIVE YOURSELF CONTROL of your life. How to break free and start living a life of moderation and ALIVE!

Stop feeling HELPLESS, you have people around you to support you and encourage you and if you don't REACH OUT. Find your tribe that will (Alive Fit Fam) and LOVE THEM HARD! 

Now, go kick ass! 


Kelsey Davidson