Are you ready for this...

Every now and again I love getting a real talk on here. 


Because I feel too much shit is sugar coated online. 

  • Drop 20 lbs in 2 weeks.
  • Go from a size 16 to a size 6 in 4 weeks.
  • Get all your vitamins in this shake and MORE.....

Today, I wanted to share with you real talk- straight from my heart!

If you're not ready or you're too sweet... don't read any more. (that was my warning to you)

Here are my 5 REAL TALK points

#1 - It's going to be fucking work! I'm sorry but every package you invest in doesn't come with a trainer who is nice and a chef that will cook for you. OH MY GOD would I love that!! But I'm sorry... it's not happening. You are going to have to fucking work for this. If you want to change, you need to CHALLENGE yourself. Which means, you're going to have to put some ELBOW GREASE, SOME SWEAT and maybe some blood into it. Guaranteed you're going to have days that you can hardly walk or learn a new way of washing your hair (because your arms are too sore to be lifted above your head) or meals are going to be a flop and that's OK because it's a challenge. Leading into #2

#2 Practice and Consistency are KEY! You need to be consistent with your eating, your fitness and your mindset. Believe me, it will EVENTUALLY turn into a routine but right now, it's not and that makes it even harder. You MUST trust the process and be consistent. Even when you don't want to show up- YOU SHOW UP because that's how results ARE EARNED! Eventually those Monday morning sweat sessions and Thursday morning runs will become your normal life, you may not see it now... but it will. Trust in it.

#3 BELIEVE in yourself!! Or have someone near you that believes in you and can nag you! You need to keep that top of mind because believe me, meal disasters and workout flops are going to come and Are you going to give up or TRY AGAIN? Like I said before, there are going to be days where your legs hurt so much, you think about holding in your pee so you don't have to lower yourself on the toilet. Does that mean you're not going to train legs ever again? NO. There are going to be days that your head says NO MORE and you have to push forward and TRUST that you are doing the best for your body, mind and spirit. Your fitness buddy, trainer or nag, will be there right beside you saying, "let's go" or at least that's what you WANT in that person. You want them to hold you accountable. GIVING UP ON YOURSELF IS NOT AN OPTION... or is it, #4?

#4 Is failure an option??? Just wondering if it is, because I'm pretty sure when you invested you didn't say "Here take my money and I don't want results" You invested because you wanted results!! Are you going to self sabotage your goals because you're getting too uncomfortable or are you going to push forward? If you are having problems or obstacles with your fitness or food, reach out for help and make accommodations for you to still WIN. I do this all the time as a trainer, I know when women invest, they invest to earn results and strengthen themselves. NOT to just give up easily! As a professional, I will accommodate women with injuries or sensitivities but you have to speak up and ask for the help. Accepting failure and defeat is not an option in my eyes. Accommodating, supporting and getting creative with ways to live a healthier way is the WAY to avoid that!

#5 Lastly,  who are you doing this for? Because man oh man, if you say your husband... that's it game over. I WANT YOUR GOALS to be about YOU. You may want to loose weight for your husband but I want you to look inwards. And I would suggest and say "You want to FEEL sexier and with that your husband will benefit from." Your goals are ABOUT YOU. It's not selfish at all. Think about this, if you say "I want to be healthier to run more or to play more" who is going to benefit from this? Your kids, your husband, your friends. Your surrounding community will all benefit from your goals. When you make your goals about someone else, there is a lack of perception and maybe they lack to see your hard work or dedication. And that right there would deflate anyone's bubble. Make your goals about yourself and EVERYONE around you will benefit! 


Please know, I always lead with my heart and this is all for your benefit. It is all for you to earn the results I CAN SEE within you and that you may not see YET! 

Have a wonderful day, Kelsey

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