A week off the grid

This past week I had given myself the opportunity to experience a retreat with Run Like a Girl, a retreat where I would be completely off the grid and living a more rooted life. I have been on an organized vacation tour before but never a retreat, where I would be inspired to interact and vulnerable with strangers. 


To give you an idea of where I was,


I can't even!


To start,

We were dropped off at a coffee plantation where I earned a new respect for farmers in a third world country and a new intention behind where I will buy my coffee from here and in North America. From there we strapped on our day packs and started our adventure, about a 5-7k hike to the Chakra Lodge. Along the way, friendships formed, moans and groans happened as this hike was FAR from being flat or "slightly elevated"  and a deeper sense of love evolved. As we got to our lodge the Iced Tea served by the beautiful locals never tasted so GOOD! 

I was then placed in a room with 3 other girls, who I hit it off with from before the retreat started (we had connected the night before and via Facebook) We were instantly singing sistas and eventually the WHOLE group were Singing Sistas! We got to our "penthouse" and were in awe of the views we had in our 2 walled cabin. The other 2 walls were half walls open to the beautiful Pachamama (Mother Nature ). Our first morning we slowly woke up around 5:30am and one of the singing sistas started singing Lion King as IT WAS that beautiful!! Words can not explain how I felt spiritually, physically and mentally waking up on Day 1 there. Every morning we had yoga first thing, then breakfast, then off on our adventure for the day. 

On our first hike we absorbed the energy the mountains and what Pachamama gives us. We witnessed clouds move at a rapid speed (when you are that high within the mountains they apparently move fast!) and learned about our inner strength as we hiked on a steep incline. We stopped along the way for water, snacks and this one particular time for a picture and with all of us 16Singing sistas (with 3 men), we broke out into the "Lean on Me" song with clapping and the whole bit!!  Each and every song that broke out, smiles emerged and hearts were opening far beyond limitations.

 On the way down, we felt the clouds open up and experienced first hand a tropical storm, as we hiked down along we were getting drenched, slipping and sliding, making light of the situation saying when you say "WHOOP" someone else would say "THERE IT IS". Knowing that you were surrounded by this loving group each and every step strengthened our connection. As physically, spiritually and mentally  hard it may have been, you were supported and loved. 

Day 1 created a strong foundation for our family to form on love, trust and vulnerability.

Day 1 created our RLAG family. 

As the retreat continued on, more experiences happened along the way, more songs busted out and more hugs and tears were shared. Having no power gave us numerous grounding opportunities, books were flying around like a library, card games were being played and REAL... I MEAN REAL... conversations were happening. There were no interruptions of notifications or emails, the only pause was when the rain got louder and we had to adjust our voices haha. 


I had the opportunity to read the "Untethered Soul" by Michael A. Singer. This book has come in and out of my life in different times and here it was again, with no distractions and someone literally saying "Here it is, read it". SO I did. Wow, this book gave me a new mantra of "Relax and Release". It was a mantra that has really helped me adjust to having power back, over 150 emails, god knows how many Facebook and Instagram notifications and Facebook messages. 

Thus bringing me a RUSH of the real world, as the singing sistas, we made a pack and said only 10 minutes of social media and do it with intentions. I kept to this, except for my phone call to my family. This little commitment kept me in alignment with the retreat as we returned to having service for our last 2 days. This way my phone and the outside world didn't rob me of the REAL conversations and connections I was having with these uplifting women!

When I arrived back home, life had happened. Other women in my industry were doing new things, new products launched online, and there was I fighting not to be sucked into the vortex of the evil comparison disease. As I went back to my notes I read this paragraph again:

"The most important thing in life is your inner energy. If you're always tired and never enthused, then life is no fun. But if you're inspired and filled with energy, then every minute of every day is an exciting experience. Learn to work with these things. Through meditation, through awareness and willful efforts you can learn to keep your centers open. You do this by not buying into the concept that there is anything worth closing over. Remember if you love life. Nothing is worth closing over. Nothing is ever is worth closing your heart over." 

This paragraph realigned me with my experience and my RLAG family. How we opened our hearts, how we lead with our hearts and experienced deep connections with each other, with ourselves and with Pachamama (Mother nature). 

As I learned this past week, removing all other currencies of energy and physical electricity. It is my inner energy that I need to be invested in and honouring with the  "Relax and Release" mantra, I can release what other people are doing in my industry because I know my inner energy is LOVE. It is MY inner energy that will support and serve my Alive (and Davidson) family to the fullest. It is MY inner energy that will give me the life that I desire. It is MY inner energy that created this past weeks experience. It is MY inner energy that I lead with my heart open and love to the Alive family.

It is MY inner energy that I am most proud of.


There it is,

 A little bit about the retreat, a little bit about the "Untethered Soul" book and a little bit about how I will "Relax and Release" with my heart staying open to all.

When you are ready, give yourself the opportunity to disconnect and connect to your heart, commit to a something that fulfills your heart and be ready to open your heart to amazing things


Thank YOU for supporting my inner energy too


Always Feeling Alive,




Kelsey Davidson