3 Tips & Tricks to Keep Playing in the Rain

While being back on the West (Wet) Coast I have been re-educated on rain etiquite and how life doesn't stop when it rains. I remember when I first moved to Alberta, I was surprised there were no snow days and life kept going in -40 weather. Here it's the same but with RAIN. It doesn't matter if the rain is coming from every which direction, you get outside! You get it done! 

Running and exercising in the rain has it's challenges and today I wanted to share with you 3 Tips and Tricks to Keep Playing in the Rain

1. LAY YOUR CLOTHES OUT the night before, have a game plan RAIN OR SHINE. Waking up to the sound of rain is very relaxing and very tempting to stay in bed. But that's not your game plan! Have your clothes laid out and get out of bed when that alarm goes off. Don't hit snooze! Get up and get dressed. The less you can think about it, the less excuses you will make! 

2. GAME PLAN, If you are running or cycling, what's your route? Don't just head out because as soon as you head out for maybe a 5k or 7k and the rain pours down on you, it will get cut short or your self talk will turn it into the LONGEST 5k ever! Make a solid route and keep with it. Visualize you running each part, rain or shine! 

3. CLOTHING! Make sure your clothing is appropriate. Yes it's raining out but the temperature hasn't dropped overly. If it is lightly raining, excess clothes aren't really necessary. Water resistant clothing is more necessary. My top 3 things outside MUST HAVE's are

  1. My hat! It keeps my head warm, my hair back and a brim to keep the rain out of my face!
  2. Solid light weight rain jacket with arm pit ventilation zippers! Light weight is ideal because you don't need the extra warmth, you need the wetness to stay off of you! 
  3. Gloves. I find my hands get the coldest when I run in the rain and they start to cramp up or go tingly. You want to make sure your gloves are stretchy and are made from breathable material. Cotton is not your friend when running in the rain. Again water resistant is the best. 

The thing is YOU NEED TO KEEP HAVING FUN, your pace may or may not be the same in the rain and you need to understand that and just have fun! You may be puddle jumping. You may be heading into a hard wind (thank you Mother Nature for resistance training!) Getting outside was the goal and you are doing it!!!  Be proud of yourself throughout your run that you are outside and giving your body this fresh air and the exercise it enjoys (or loves to hate). 

A little bit of rain can't stand in the way of you and your goals.

It's just rain.  

Remember that.

It's just rain! 

I hope these have helped, if you have other suggestions I'd love to hear them! And make sure to join my *free* Fitness Community here

Have a wonderful day


Kelsey Davidson, owner of Alive Fitness & Wellness. Strengthening women and girls to FEEL ALIVE, again!

Kelsey Davidson, owner of Alive Fitness & Wellness. Strengthening women and girls to FEEL ALIVE, again!

Kelsey Davidson