5 Butt Lifting Exercises

I hear it lots. "How can I lift my butt?"

Well... my smart ass response is to physically take your hands and lift up your bum.

My personal trainer response is, let's work on those hamstrings and your core. 

I thought I would break it down in these 5 exercises for you and how they can "lift" your bum. 

Number 1 - Bridges aka Hip Thrusts


This exercise is done slow and controlled. I love when you can use gravity as your resistance and this is an exercise you can really work with gravity. Slow down your pace and take 5 seconds to slowly lower your bum. Keep consistent with the slow pace and gain strength with "time under tension" A couple points here are to make sure your feet are planted solid on the floor and engage your core and glutes as your lift up. 


Number 2 - Single Leg Bridges


This is taking the last exercise to a whole new level. Strengthen each bum separately. Again, challenge yourself with a slower pace on the way down. 






Number 3 - Fire Hydrants


Here you are working your adductors,abductors, gluteus medius (outside bum cheek muscle) and obliques! This is an all in one exercise and great for strengthening your hips. A couple points here is make sure your hands below shoulders and knees are lined up beneath your hips. Lifting straight outside. 



Number 4 - Straight Leg Kick Backs

This exercise has the same foundation as fire hydrants (hands below shoulders, knees below hips). Straight leg kick backs will really start to burn your hammy's.  Here you will fully extend one leg out back and lift up. A couple points here, make sure to point your heels to the sky, engaging your hamstrings with that intentional positioning. 



Number 5 - Donkey Kicks or Bent leg kick backs


Targeting more of the gluteus maximus, the major butt muscle and hamstring. Again, you want to keep your heel pointed to the sky and leg bent at 90 degrees. 





Check them out all here, with this quick video. 

These exercises can all be done in your living room, bedroom or at the gym! They are each highly effective on their own and together make for a killer butt session. Try for 15 reps of each and repeat 3x or try for 30 seconds each exercises and 3 rounds. 

Have a wonderful day