Use these 3 Valuable Points to See the Positive behind the Negative

Hello my beautiful friend,

I live in Alberta Canada, a place 3 years ago that was thriving and everyone was moving here to enjoy the Oil and Gas industry and money. A place that everyone transferred from across the country to better themselves financially. Over the last 12 months (approximately) there has been this huge shift in the economy and in the households.

Yet, even though these hard times are happening I am seeing entrepreneurs pop up and use this opportunity to start over. Many men and women are using this time for self reflection and realizing that oil and gas wasn't their passion, it was their pay cheque. Their passion may be fitness, coaching, remodeling, construction or even landscaping and these men and women are creating an income from their passion- which I believe is a BEAUTIFUL SIGHT!

I wanted to share with you today on how we can discover the positive behind the negatives just like those men and women have done.

I always have looked at the cup of water half full but not everyone does and sometimes it takes a dramatic event to push us into living our fulfilled life. And sometimes it takes us awhile to realize the positive behind the negative.

Here are 3 valuable and positive points to think about when you get knocked down:

  • The universe has a plan made out for you and it is a beautiful one. Trust in it, appreciate it and know that this is just a temporary learning experience
  • There is always a silver lining, look for it (Either it's that you get to spend more time at home, get to cook dinners for your spouse, get to rediscover your passion, get your health back and so on)
  • While you are down you are going to figure out your healthy messy (Mental Emotional Support System) support system

Believe me, that first initial blow sucks! I have been there, when I first started my entrepreneurship journey I didn't 100% commit and I bought into a franchise, which months later, went bankrupt and left me high and dry. To be honest, I threw that pity party, I cried, I screamed, and the key to my pity party adventure was that I DIDN'T UNPACK. I left the party stronger and more confident to make my OWN IMPACT on this world!


It can take time to see that there is a silver lining.

Trust that it is there.

And you will be more than fine. 


These moments of negativity are way too powerful to avoid. I say "Embrace the pain and the hurt". This will give you a higher and deeper level of appreciation and love for what the universe will give you and what you will receive.

I have taken these steps and now have a deeper level of love and appreciation for all my clients.

Feeling Alive,