3 Helpful Techniques to Calm the Positive Mind

It wasn't that long ago that I was looking for a goal but didn't have direction on where to go. It was a personal goal and I personally find those ones, the hardest to keep, to hold myself accountable to and to stay on track with. Apparently it is OK to be flakey on myself but not on everyone else {OH god NO!!}

While I was looking for this goal, I was looking at my previous ones. I was looking into what goals in the past were successful and what goals made me feel the best.  I also looked at my current resources and tools and what did I need for this new goal. While I was going back and forth with goals, I started running and just going for runs without a special watch, without a watch at all actually. I was just going for a run, as simple as that.

While running (which clears my head of all) I realized that my no matter what my goal was, I was investing a lot of time, thought and self doubt in it, I was essentially creating pressure and anxiety over something that was supposed to be a FUN 2015 goal.

Have you ever done that? Created a goal or scheduled an appointment but then created this larger than life situation in your head surrounding the goal or appointment.

Why do you we do that? Damn overthinking, eh! Why oh Why!

Well, I'm going to tell you why.

Creating goals is creating change.

Change is something the subconscious mind isn't a fan of. The subconscious mind wants to keep us safe, wants us to be in autopilot and not create new events. Think about the movie "The Croods" (if you haven't seen it, it is a fun children's movie where a family of cavemen and women discover new land) In the movie the Dad would represent your subconscious mind, keeping the tribe safe and never leaving the cave. Whereas the daughter would represent your goals and your conscious mind (where you make the choices to create new goals and create action plans). She is always pushing the boundaries and making the family try new things. And that is exactly what we WANT to do but HOW and how will the subconscious allow it.

LET ME SHOW YOU HOW we can start to move forward with goal setting with a clearer and more focused mind, with these 3 techniques:

  1. Practice positivity  - Shifting your self talk to a more positive way, a way that your loved ones would talk to you. Remain to stay positive as you work toward removing yourself of negative subconscious expectations and behaviors. Example: "I will fail" change to "I will succeed" (soon enough your body and mind will achieve what your mind hears and believes!) Mantras and affirmations can also be a helpful tool in helping increase your positivity.
  2. Mindful Meditation- Meditation will help you focus and harness your subconscious mind. Before meditating, determine the length of your session. If you are a beginner, try to meditate for 5 minutes. Change into comfortable clothes, grab a timer and proceed to a quiet, peaceful environment where you can allow your mind to turn off and be uninterrupted. Focus on your inhale and your exhale. As you relax, your mind will wander. Thoughts will flow from your subconscious mind to your conscious mind. Note these thoughts, but don’t judge them. Allow these thoughts to pass. When you realize your mind has wandered, return your attention to your breath.
  3. Visualization  Visualizing the achievement of your goals is a wonderful way to involve and train your subconscious mind. Start with visualization exercises that only require you to utilize one to two of your senses. Try to visualize every detail of the goal achieved.  Visualize specific goals. Be specific about what it is that you want to achieve. Identify the location, time, and circumstances surrounding your success. Go into as much detail as possible! Don’t envision yourself as someone you are not; imagine yourself as YOU and be PROUD!

I know by placing these steps into action your goals will become more concrete and will become successfully accomplished as the mind believes them to be.

{PS--> My end goal for 2015 was to go for runs without a watch! To just enjoy and embrace my fitness level, which included a few mud obstacle course runs, other obstacle course runs, a few 10k and 5ks and a few personal not fitness related goals, such as being a Certified Life Coach.} See how I removed the pressure from it all and just had FUN!

Feeling Alive,

Kelsey Davidson