3 Questions to ask yourself post workout


Ever wonder the next day after your workout, why you're not sore? You're happy that you're not walking funny but ..."huh I wonder if I pushed myself or was I doing it right?"

Then sneaks in the self doubting, the sabotaging and negative talk. And you hear yourself say "If I'm not sore, I won't get results" 

The thing is, you won't always be sore!

Delayed onset muscle soreness will come 24-72 hours post workout but not all the time. Different workouts stress the body differently. 

Your muscle will get stronger.

Your body will adjust. 


Here are 3 questions to ask yourself if you're doubting your effort?

  1. While your workout were you a Chatty Kathy, or were your Pete's Dragon, huffing and puffing with one or two words out at a time. If you were Chatty Kathy, then time to stop and sweat! Ideally from a trainers point a few you can hold up a decent conversation but there are breaks to breathe and lift. One or two sentences at a time, not a whole story. 
  2. Did you get low enough? Are your squats and your push ups low each and every time? I like to benchmark them sometimes, squat til your bum hits that medicine ball and continue squatting and hitting that ball. Or push up with your chest to the ground each time. I want quality over quantity and I want your push ups, squats, lunges, low as you can when you have the strength to do so. Bench marking also helps keep consistent in your range of motion. 
  3. Did you hold back because you're running later today or walking the kids to school or have a workout planned for tomorrow? Don't hold back. Leave it all on the table. Treat every workout individually and exhaust yourself. Empty your tank! If you do have a workout later on in the day, plan accordingly, work legs in the morning and arms in the evening. Don't do the same workout twice. What's the point? Honestly. Do one work, really hard, really good and MAKE IT COUNT! 


And finally the BONUS question. 

Are you proud of your workout?

If you believe you gave it all you could there and pushed yourself to a new level, then BE PROUD! Don't self doubt or question it.

Trust that you did your best and worked your hardest!

And that is what counts!  

Have a great day, 


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Kelsey Davidson