10 ways I awoke from a downward spiral

Over the past 3 months I have been in this transitional shift. At the beginning I was trying to control it, I was trying to know everything, I was trying soooo hard I was getting exhausted. I knew in my heart, pushing and trying wasn't going to lead me there, but I kept doing it any way. I kept pushing to make things how I "wanted" or how they "should" happen. I kept trying to force life in a direction that it didn't agree with. 


Life doesn't work like that. 

And I know that. But in the heat of the moments I IGNORED it. 

Guess what happened next?

I got exhausted. I got snippy at myself and at others, I got hard on myself, I started to hear myself say "I'm failing", "Kels, you need to try harder",  and/or "Time to look for a real job Kelsey" All of that talk circulating in my head was making my heart sad. It was making me doubt myself as a professional. Doubting that I didn't have what I needed or couldn't do what I needed to do.

BUT DEEP DOWN, I knew it was all BS. 

I knew I had it, I just had to find it.

Then last week, I awoke and wanted to share with you how I did it.

  1. I took note of all the beauty that surrounds me, my kids, my husband, my friends, my job, my home, trees, art, food, fitness, ALL OF IT. 
  2. I opened my eyes to see the impact that I have made in my family and in my business.
  3. I took note at how MUCH I LOVE my job and all my members.
  4. I looked for what I could let go of. What was no longer serving me. 
  5. I used affirmations.
  6. I journalled and wrote to myself a lot! 
  7. I did more yoga (Thank you Gill at Asha Yoga)
  8. I got my food lined up properly.
  9. I listened to my inner guides.
  10. I took note of it all and realized that I am EXACTLY where I need to be RIGHT NOW. 

Using these tools helped me realized, it may not be as I had thought my move back to Alberta would have gone. It may not be as I had planned or hoped.

But that's the fascinating part!! And I'm excited about this part!! 

It may not be ALL of those things but it is EXACTLY what is serving and filling my heart right now.

And as you know, I live for the moments, so what happened after?

  • I felt more free and more relaxed
  • I could see my daily efforts and were proud of them
  • I saw the beauty each and every day
  • I spoke up and questioned things when they happened, rather than allowing the truck to run over me
  • Life started to show and give me gifts of alignment and success
  • Everything seemed to "click"
  • I recognized my place and started to own it and LOVE IT
  • I was more ME 

Without all the forcing, trying, pushing and pulling to make life be what I thought it would be, I am now using all THAT energy and creating a life I'm proud of and a life that is MINE and on MY TERMS. 

See, it doesn't matter what my neighbour is doing. It doesn't matter what my friends are doing. What matters is what  I AM DOING.

What are you doing for yourself? 

It is time for me to LIVE MY LIFE




(An affirmation I used lots these last 2 weeks)

- Kelsey

If this spoke to your heart and you're feeling pressured and lost, let's connect here.

Let's allow your life to flow freely and lovingly.

Kelsey Davidson