2018 Fitness Trends

We are days away from 2018 and the chatter of New Years Resolutions are being seen more and more. Now are the days that every fitness trend, gimmick and pill will hit the shelf and claim that they are the best way to loose weight or best way to look your best.

This is my 10th year as a certified Personal Trainer and what I have noticed in New Years Resolution goals is, they don't work unless you do! And I'm sure you know that one but do you know this one? THE REAL SECRET to having successfully accomplished resolutions  is to make it a LIFESTYLE. Live, breathe, choose, eat, move, all towards your resolutions. Make it apart of your lifestyle and ENJOY IT!  


Can Fit Pro recently released the Top 2018 Fitness Trends and I'm proud to say that Alive Fitness runs parallel to the trends. Am I a physic? Nope!!! What I've done is, kept my heart and ears open to what YOU have asked for and wanted. So essentially, it is YOU that has made Alive Fitness hit the 2018 trend markers! 

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Check out how Alive Fitness runs parallel to the 2018 Fitness Trends 

  • Yoga practices on the Alive Fitness app (provided by Asha Yoga)
  • Body weight training, 90% of the workouts require NO equipment. If it does require weights you can use soup cans or dumb bells. 
  • Nutrition and healthy eating plans, I recently earned my Holistic Health Coach certification and have been providing meal plans and support for my members
  • Circuit training and boot camps - YEP YEP YEP
  • Express workouts, it's what I do! The HIIT@HOME classes are any where from 18 minutes to 32 minutes long. They can be done anywhere you have the Alive Fitness app
  • Active recovery, yes, this does happen from time to time and members always say this is a false illusion. haha. Active recovery is walking or squating on your rest, not stopping. Hence, the false illusion of a rest. 
  • HIIT - well this is what I do at Alive Fitness! 70% of the videos are  HIIT, 30% are kick boxing. LIVE classes are HIIT style too. 
  • Functional Fitness, I thrive upon this for training my members one on one in the personalized plans. These members are gaining strength towards their lifestyle goals. 

You can see that Alive Fitness offers more than 80% of the 2018 fitness trends and has been serving the Alive Family with these services since 2014, when Alive Fitness opened.

Alive Fitness isn't a trend, it's a way of life!

I do everything in my expertise to support and motivate you towards your goals but I also do it towards my goals for you. 

YES- Alive fitness has goals for you too.  

It's #1 goal for you is, To strengthen you physically, mentally and spiritually towards


But how do I measure FEELING ALIVE?

  • It's when you join your kids on the play ground
  • It's when running up your stairs feels FUN
  • It's when you gain the confidence to try something new, either new shoes, new recipe or a new routine
  • It's when you sit and be and don't feel guilty
  • It's when you respect and appreciate each choice you make. Down to your push ups, either against a wall, on your knees or from your toes. It's about appreciating where you are and moving forward

Feel alive is a NON SCALE VICTORY goal and one that is at the FOREFRONT of Alive Fitness. 

Once you join the Alive Fitness family, you will feel and understand what I'm talking about and what members are talking about too! 

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But before you join the family, I need to make sure you're the right fit for us, so let's connect.





Kelsey Davidson