Chaos, Caffeine and Cardio = My life

Kids or No Kids, this first week of September and school is a WAKE UP class. As the hours and days go by, it is slowly becoming a way of normalcy. 

I wanted to share how much chaos, caffeine and cardio have in common for me and how they pair beautifully in my life.

First off, who's with me here in saying, "Chaos is my life right now" ! This is bang on for me right now, my daughter is in this weird and funky "gradual system" for kindergarten, which really just confuses the HECK outta me! I check the calendar at least 10x a day trying to figure out when AND IF she's going to school tomorrow. Then I insert sports and ... double check that calendar AGAIN! 


Chaos is happening everywhere!

This is where I turn to my solutions, CAFFEINE AND CARDIO! 

There is something magical about having a WARM cup of tea or coffee? NOT REHEATED, I'm talking about YOU drinking it while it's WARM! And who doesn't love a little boost of energy (moderation here folks) 

A warm cup of coffee, ahh... that is bliss eh. It almost feels as if the whole world has stopped or time has slowed down. Life receives a different vibration and as you slowly sip of your warm drink, you gently hear  "Life is OK". I find this cup of coffee or tea allows me to reflect upon the chaos and digest the events that are happening. Allowing  myself to see things in a different light and adding new perspectives to the events that may have happened during the chaos. 

Secondly, if you are like me and love to run more for the mental and spiritual health- you know how FREAKING AMAZING Cardio can be during times of chaos. I know going for a run before, midst or after chaos gives me reflection and appreciation. It also lets me release the physical built up emotions. When I was in the middle of wedding planning, I RAN. I didn't run to fit into my "Made In China" wedding dress, I did it to overcome the emotions and pain I was feeling with my Dad in heaven. I ran. I cried. And on my wedding day I was more prepared to walk down the aisle then I ever could have imagined. I was strong, confident and trusted he was right beside me. Running through chaos gives me that new perspective and gives me the opportunity to EMPTY my tank, exhaust my fumes and push my body to NEW limits. It gives the physical release of everything built up inside. 

Chaos is currently a way of life and I hope that you can enjoy that cup of tea or coffee or go for that run and remember that life is OK, it's better than OK, it's great.

You're alive. And you are loved. 

Have a great day


{I'm off for a run now} 

Kelsey Davidson