Learning that Grade 8 Kelsey was an empathetic girl

Over the last couple months I've done lots of transitioning and self development and while living back home on Vancouver Island has been AMAZING. It has also brought up emotions of hurt and happiness.  

This past week I felt myself back in grade 8, I remember a few of my friends accusing me of being "too nice" or saying that I was lying, just to say something nice. The thing is, in grade 8 I was a people pleaser (most teenage girls are) but I never lied to make someone else feel good. I said nice things to people because it also made ME feel good inside. And when you're at that vulnerable age, that's all you want. 

Obviously over the years I've grown YET even 4 years ago, I was still a people pleaser.

I can almost say I know the exact spot it changed. I was no longer people pleasing! And yes it was when I had just started out with Alive. Something had happened and I knew I had to stand up for what I believed in my business and understand the consequences that may happen. I did it. I was relieved that it went as well as it did and the respect and trust I gained within the Alive family grew. They knew-  I WAS IN THEIR CORNER! And within the community I was looked as more of a business woman than a "Mom doing training out of her basement". 

As much as I have always had that "You're too nice" comment lingering/ haunting me, I've also been able to embrace it and be proud of it. I have learned that I'm an empathetic person and I feel what others feel.

For my Alive Family members, I'm sensitive to your goals, I truly care!

I'm real with emotions on both sides, when you struggle I dig deep to support you and when you release 5lbs I'm jumping around like a maniac! I cry at birth announcements, I cry during Christmas commercials, I get angry and stand up for what I believe is right, I hug tight and LOVE lots and I laugh from my belly!!! 

 {A great article on Empathetic People is here Thank you Meghan Weir for this article] 

I feel it all with you.

Now, this has up's and down's. I feel it all and if I don't take care of myself, it starts to weigh me down and make me a "Grumpy Gus". 

This is WHY self care and exercising is TOP on my priority list!

Here are a couple of my favorite ways to release the emotions and energies of others and to strengthen within myself. 

  1.  Running all out. Do not stop. Feel the pain! Feel that burn! Do not stop when it hurts, stop when it's done and BE PROUD. Stopping allows you to think and gives up on you. Keep those legs moving no matter how slow they are going, keep them going!!! Pushing forward releases the built up stresses and energies. Sweat it out. 
  2. When I find my shoulders itching up towards my ears and my shoulders rolling in, I start to repeat "relax and release, relax and release, relax and release" I do this for a few times until I physically start to feel my body relaxing and releasing the stresses. I concentrate on saying that affirmation over and over until my body feels lighter.
  3. Meditation - Quieten your mind, now to be honest, when you are an empathetic person it can be hard to quieten your mind because you're thinking of everyone else. This is where I reach for guided meditations. Listening, focusing and visualizing the moment. 
  4. HIIT - I frigging love HIIT because it is an ALL OUT work out. You need to suck it up for 20,30 or 40 seconds all out and  EMPTY your tank! Not a whole lot of time to have your head chyme in. 
  5. Kick Boxing, most Alive Family members know I got kick boxing certified before Life Coaching because I thought Kick Boxing would serve my members higher. And it did, until they broke down crying and I didn't have the tools to support them then. I went back to school and learned all about thought patterns, establishing values and learning to relearn your subconscious and conscious mind.  Kick boxing can be a technical sport and requires concentration on your movements. This again, doesn't allow for a lot of time to think. Releasing the emotions in the gloves and feeling stronger after! 

Being an empathetic person had brought me to where I am personally and professionally.


Alive family members know the love and gratitude I have for them and know I'm 120% invested in their health and wellness. Personally it has given me the power to step back and see what is important to me and what fulfills my soul. It has grounded me as a Mother, Daughter, Sister and Wife and friend, creating stronger relationships on all parts.  


Being aware of being an empathetic person and having my exercises in place; I know I can serve from my heart, every time!

I hope this will help you too. 

Have a wonderful day

- Kelsey



Kelsey Davidson