Day 5 of Feeling Alive

Congrats on completing the full 5 days of feeling alive or one day! Every little intention you had behind FEELING ALIVE, I appreciate. 

Today in Day 5 in Feeling Alive, I'm going to show you how ONE exercise can include each element (body, mind and spirit) Today I'm talking about visualization. I'm sure you've heard about this technique before and today I'm showing you how to do it with your fitness, meals, work, family and every day life. 

Physical,Mental and Spiritual - I have used the visualization techniques myself in my road races, career opportunities, in participating fitness classes and in leading fitness classes/1x1 sessions (even when leading them, I visualize the outcome).

Now, I want to first off clarify something, it doesn't mean I close my eyes and hope for the best.

What I do, is I sit down before hand and imagine myself mid connection, mid session, mid run and imagine what is happening. I do a full body check, how are my legs, arms and lungs doing? What's my mind saying? Then I imagine myself post, crossing the finish line, the send off or completing that last rep. I zero in on how I'm feeling after it is accomplished and each sense involved.

Including the AFTER IT'S ACCOMPLISHED visualization is HUGE. This means, I'm then visualizing I can do it! Believing before starting is head start! I'm not visualizing the pain and discomfort with the unknown if I will finish it or not.

 I visualize and ACCOMPLISHMENT!

I like to tap into a couple different elements when visualizing mid and post workout.

Here is a start to tap into visualization.  

Mid expereince

  • How am I feeling
  • How are my legs, arms, and lungs feeling
  • Who is watching me
  • What am I wearing
  • What is my head doing
  • What is my head saying
  • What else do I hear
  • Who is beside me, in my mind or physically right beside me
  • Who is pushing me to go further
  • What do I see, where am I, physical position and environment
  • Why (the heck) am I challenging myself through this experience

Answering each one of these questions and tapping into each sense is making your visualization come to life. Make it feel as real as possible. By doing this, when you are experiencing the actual event, you'll be prepared to push past any walls that may have popped up. 


  • How am I feeling
  • What moment was I most proud of
  • Who was watching me and waiting for me to accomplish
  • What do I hear myself say
  • What do I hear others say to me (think about your kids what did they say, "Good job Mom, Can I have your banana?" is a common one I personally visualize hearing from my son and it makes me smile. They love watching me cross the finish line and love the finish line food haha 
  • If I'm waiting to have a banana post race, or a granola bar or a beer, how does that taste. 
  • Who was beside me, physically or in my mind throughout the experience
  • Where is my "finish line" or moment of accomplishment  (is it when I arrive home post workout or cross the finish line or receive the job opportunity via email)
  • What am I wearing post event (I always visualize flip flops after a race or a trail run) 


Physical strength will get you to the start line. But the mental strength will get you to the finish line.
— unknown

I want your visualization to be as real as possible. I want you to include each element, sense and person.

  • Imagine yourself covered in sweat in your favourite work out gear.
  • Imagine your kids and your husband at the finish line, holding your favourite water bottle, cheering you on as you cross the line.
  • Imagine yourself sitting at your new desk, in your new position. 

Ignite all your senses and make your visualization as real as possible. 

Physical, mental and spiritual health can all be improved with visualization and it doesn't have to be restricted to fitness. I have coached women on visualizing getting through an uncomfortable confrontation in work. Using the above questions can be used in many versitile situations.


You may be  wondering where the spiritual health comes into play with visualization.

The spiritual health portion is where you give yourself the time, space and energy to exercise visualization. You would not IMAGINE how many women will not carve out 5 minutes for this exercise.  The common responses when I ask them why not, are: "I don't have the time" or "I'm never alone" or "I always forget". Well. they do have the time, they can do it with family and "forgetting" is procrastinating! 

I encourage families to do it together, think about how this technique could help your family members and friends with their own life, their own sports, friendships and education. 

I encourage you to GIVE yourself this time. It will be blessing.  It will be the best proactive technique you will do. Hands Down! Best one! 

I encourage for you to VALUE this and stop procrastinating. I used question,

  • What will I visualize
  • What do I do
  • Where do I do it

When I sat back and realized that those questions were only holding me back on this exercise. Why? Because this was MY way of procrastinating the unknown. I know it can feel goofy and TRUST ME, it is only does because you haven't valued it in your own experience. Try it out, see the proof for yourself and you'll never procrastinate it again. 


I've got a secret

You're spiritual health doesn't require a whole lot. What it does require are 3 important things

  1. LOVE
  2. TIME

As long as you can give yourself those 3 things, your spiritual health will grow into trusting and believing in yourself more. Those 3 things are the foundation of a healthy spiritual connection within. 

Visualization isn't the only way to connect your physical, mental and spiritual health. Here are a couple more ways to connect the 3 in one exercise

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Running, Hiking or Cycling - finding that place of pure bliss where your mind connects to your heart and your feet follow
  • Cooking - matching all your senses together and being intentional with each ingredient 
  • Writing - This is more of a mental and spiritual connection but I have found it to support my physical side when I journal or write out my fitness and wellness goals too. Welcoming free flow writing or journaling, this will touch base on all 3 elements

There are many more and really, this is what I would love for you to discover too. And this is why I preach FEELING ALIVE. I want you to FEEL ALIVE on your terms. I don't want to train each Alive Fit Family member to be a size 4 and bench press 120lbs.

I want each Alive Fit Family member to FEEL ALIVE.

I want each one of you to feel strong, physically, mentally and spiritually! 

{side note (this doesn't mean I won't make you bench press a heavier weight, because I will! Because I believe in you and I KNOW you're stronger than you think you are)} 

Thank you for participating in the 5 days of Feeling Alive, I really appreciate your participation and I hope you have enjoyed learning and expanding upon the ALIVE feeling.

I'd love to hear your version of FEELING ALIVE.

In the September magazine we will be featuring what feeling alive feels to different women. 

Have a great day


And of course we need a mini workout to finish off this week and here it is

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