Day 4 of Feeling Alive

Hola Numero Quatro! 

You are on DAY 4!

Can you believe it? 80% of the Feeling Alive Boot camp is accomplished. Way to go! If you are workout out or reading these, I APPRECIATE every second you give me AND GIVE YOURSELF towards FEELING ALIVE! 

As you know, I'm very passionate about feeling alive and I truly want this for you. My biggest desire for you is to feel STRONG within yourself. And it starts with being strong to start believing in yourself and starting facing fears.

HENCE ....


Day 4 and I'm talking all about TRUST

Hear me out. 

Physically- Here I ask two things from you and two things from me to trust.

First one for you is TRUST that you are MORE than ready and more than capable to make a life change. Second, trust that if you fall off the wagon, it never leaves you behind. Get up and start back up! 

Here is what you can trust from me. TRUST that I have your goals, dreams and desires at the forefront of every connection we have together, every workout I deliver to you and every thing I say is heart centered. Trust that I want you to succeed. I LOVE RESULTS and want you to earn them! Second, trust that I will never put you through a workout, a nutritional plan, that I, myself haven't gone through. AND every referral I give you, I have experienced, invested or done, so I can have confidence in standing behind it and the Alive Family members benefiting from it. 

Now, trust that this workout will be a GREAT ONE! 

hiit@home (1).jpg

Mentally- As I've shared your mind can play games with you and can lead you down dark roads. It can turn you upside down and flip you around worse than a washing machine. When I was given MY MAJOR FORK in the middle of the road, I threw an adult temper tantrum at the fork. Not wanting to pick a direction. One direction was towards opening Alive and scared the POOP out of me. And one direction was going back to a financial full time job and poking my eyes out every hour of every day.... seems like a no brainer. And OF COURSE you know what I choose. But I gotta say it was one of the hardest choices in my life. 


Because I didn't trust in myself. I put up road blocks such as:

  • I need to apply for a business permit
  • I need to buy more equipment
  • I need walls (didn't have walls for 2 years and made no difference) 
  • I don't have enough time
  • I eventually will have two kids in school... road blocks that would be years down the road... I put up THEN
  • THE LIST COULD continue for PAGES!!! 

In the end, what were all those road blocks doing? Allowing my head to say "You can't do this Kelsey, you aren't a business owner" and thank god for a healthy support system and for someone to trust and believe in me. My best friend told me to get out of my own way and GO FOR IT. I had to TRUST that I was ready. I had to TRUST that my heart would lead me in the right direction.

I had to trust in me!

And that right there, was the scary part.

Trusting in myself. 

Have you ever been on the edge of something SPECTACULAR and backed down because of road blocks you put in your own way? YES IN YOUR OWN WAY? aka self sabotaging. I know it's a popular word right now but I hope it hits home for you. 

It's time to get out of your own way and ENJOY the adventure you are on!

Trust it's the adventure for you.

Spiritual-  Perfectly tieing in, you need to TRUST in the universe, in whatever you believe in. TRUST in that and in your heart leading you to the best life ever. Trust that the hard times are there to shine a light on nonalignment or teach you a lesson, this lesson may not be learned for many years down the road but trust it's there. Trust that the detours are there to lead you to something even BETTER than what was there before. Trust that whatever you desire in life, IT IS waiting for you! If you believe in yourself and yes, put a little elbow grease into it too. Work for it too. (don't just sit there and wait for the silver platter to arrive, put your intentions out there and work towards it!)

A great book that I love suggesting (because it was life changing for me) is Leveraging the Universe by Mike Dooley, I was referred to this book from my business coach Jennifer Jayde  It really opened my eyes and my heart to how I could lead my life and the Alive family to a stronger connection within and a stronger alignment with ME.  I hope it does the same for you too.

Trust that everything happens for a reason, as much as the shit times suck, you have to move forward. That is the ONLY direction you can grow from and be the beautiful tree you are meant to be. 


And Day 4 wouldn't be complete without a yummy recipe to feel alive. 3 years ago, when I hired my nutritionist Elizabeth Metcalf with Nacc Fitness, I learned that I lacked variety in protein. She showed me the way with different and creative ways to get my protein in. One way I love to get protein in is with my chickpea snack.  


Have a great day and make sure to join the conversation at the Women's Fitness and Fun group


Kelsey Davidson