Day 3 of Feeling Alive

Welcome to Day 3 of Feeling Alive.

Today I'm sharing my winter side. I live in Canada and have lived in the Calgary area for the last 9 years and FRIG it is COLD!!! Hence in November 2016 I packed up and moved to sunny Costa Rica I couldn't handle another cold winter! I was done. And as much as I love (and I mean LOVEEEEEE) the heat, I will admit Christmas at the beach was a bit "odd". 

Couple things I do LOVE about cold days are

  • Tea
  • Hot soup
  • Clothes/Towels/Blankets out of the dryer!  

Today, in Day 3 I wanted to give you one of my favourite soups to make, a great workout and talking about how to shift your self talk.

Starting with

PHYSICAL ---Getting out the door in the winter time is sometimes harder than summer months. Yes in the summer, the kids are off, later nights, maybe more beers. In the winter, I don't want to leave my house!!! This is why I love at home workouts! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE them for showing my kids that I can workout anywhere and fitness can be FUN! 


Mental- Self talk

I know. I've experienced it within the last 24 hours! I hear it sneaking it in and saying "I'm not good enough" or "I'm too _____" and when I start to hear it- I start to combat it. But 3 years ago it wasn't the same situation. Three years ago I would fall apart. I would stop and believe in my negative self talk. I remember running a half marathon and falling apart at the 18 km marker and believing that this was it. I was done. No more. The last 3 km don't count! Well, they do. And when I did finish the race, was I proud - Well, Not to the "Runners High" extent. What happened? I ran and pushed my body for 21 km, shouldn't  I be proud? I "should be" but was I? Nope, because I let my negative self talk TAKE away from the whole 2 + hour experience. 

AFTER that experience I became more and more educated and aware of the DAMAGE self talk can do to me. That is when I started to talk back and minimize it all. 

A couple strategies I have used to help improve my self talk

  • Changing I can't to I will or I want to I am 
  • Asking why am I speaking to myself this way
  • And simply saying "You don't serve me, go away!"

I'd love for you to try out these tricks and let me know how it goes. Addressing the negative self talk head on will give you MORE power and GIVE you a stronger trust in yourself that you are MORE THAN capable than the task at hand! 

You can do this! 



Spiritual --- As the fall approaches you may notice the urge within to sign up for a race or commit to a new training program or change out your wardrobe. Fall is a natural transitional season and when you are able to honour the season it is, you can really maximize the season. The fall brings out lots of natural rooted foods like potatoes, carrots, yams and on the spiritual side this roots us. Enjoying these foods aligns your spirit to Mother Nature. Just like in the spring when you reach more for oranges, lemons and limes, you are reaching for ZEST, You are reaching for that energizing feel of SPRING!  Clearly, I love spring!  

During the next couple weeks as you transition into fall, look for the fall foods.

Eating in season can be financially advisable as well as spiritually benefiting. Connecting your food, intentions and movement all with Mother Nature. 


Have a great day 



Kelsey Davidson