Inspiration VS Excitement

While living in Costa Rica I felt the most inspired and determined to live life to the fullest. I'd run short and slow or long and fast and either way I had a smile! I'd take a day off from running and do HIIT@HOME workout, or I'd do yoga down the road or go for a long walk with the family. Always moving and generating more inspiration from Mother Nature and my connection to myself.

I have admitted to others and I'll admit it to you, I experienced a sadness when I left Costa Rica. I battled many inner negative voices and worried I'd loose the connection to Mother Nature and the connection to myself.

When we were in NY I felt really inspired by the hustle and bustle. Even in the concrete jungles I felt inspired to work late in the hotel work space. I kept the feeling of spiritual connection.. I felt ALIVE there too.

Then we headed to Arizona, and within a couple weeks I was starting to feel a bit depleted in that inspiration department, yet I felt my fitness was turning a new leaf, I was now lifting and I was able to stat taking action on ideas.

That excited me! (which I thought was inspiring me)

And as I've learned, there is a difference between feeling EXCITED VS INSPIRED. 

Excitement is the anticipation of the future.

Inspired is stimulating the movement of forward. 

Rocking the Alive Hat!

Rocking the Alive Hat!

I was excited to be in Arizona, I was excited to do the girl events with ivivva and Skate Rising. I was excited to be in North America and launch my clothing line! ->

I wasn't inspired to run outside and I wasn't inspired to write as much. And those 2 things are things that I do for my business and also for my spiritual and physical health. As a health professional I knew how important they both were, thus I did them. I ran on the hamster wheel and I felt amazing each and every time. I wrote, but it was a struggle. There was a clear blockage that I couldn't overcome. It wasn't flowing, it was taking forever to stay on track, it wasn't consistent. I took a step back and gave myself space to see what it was (hint- inspiration)

Last week I got a BIG slap in the face when I received AMAZING NEWS, well, I thought  it was at first.... 

One of my articles was published on a fitness website! I was super excited to receive the email and read "Congratulations you were published" READ HERE

Then I read it.

(insert whomp whomp whomp)

To start it off, the first paragraph has a spelling error (can vs can't - pretty big spelling error.) From then on out,  you can read the remainder of the article is uninspired writing- it was FORCED writing. 

  • I was writing because I was feeling the should be's of business and my own spiritual health. 
  •  I was writing because it was an expectation I put on myself. 

Bottom line- I was writing because I was faking. BOOM- There's the truth.

I wasn't inspired. 

Did I know I was faking? NO!

Did I mean to be a fake? Gosh NO! 

Did I deceive people? NO

The only person I deceived was myself. Purely myself. I wasn't giving myself the space and time to realize what I was doing. I was doing the "should be's" in life and I was caught up in the EXCITEMENT of clothing line and events. It was 90% excitement 10% inspiration. 


Excitement is anticipation of the future... Inspiration is the stimulation of moving forward. 

Anticipation VS Stimulation

For example - You can anticipate running a marathon or doing other fun things but until you are stimulated by a reward or prize, will you do it?

Again, it wasn't until I was in this situation and with this BIG SLAP in the face right in front of me, I would have never discovered the difference between EXCITEMENT and INSPIRATION. 

As with anything in life, fitness and business, I share to inspire (stimulate movement) you! 

My desire for you is to find what inspires you and HOLD ON TO IT. Write it down, take a picture of it, wear it, keep it close to you at all times! Have a constant reminder of what is moving you forward will help you live more authentically and more free flowing. Remember resistance happens when we force things in life.


You can't force inspiration- I tried, it sucked! 

Have a great day,


Kelsey Davidson