Being Honest and Moving Forward in 3 steps

I believe in "honesty being the best policy" and I'll be the first one to admit SOMETIMES IT SUCKS BEING HONEST!  

It straight up sucks some times being honest with others but you know what's harder?  

Being honest with yourself.  

I recently have gone through an experience that I had hoped and dreamed it would all work out and well, it didn't.

When I got the blow that it didn't work out my life crumbled (haha not really but it felt like it!)

I was so negative. I was pissed at the world. I was pissed at all the external factors. I was simply pissed off. When I gave myself the moments to pick up my crumbles and looked within, I noticed that I wasn't being honest and true to myself. The expectations I put on myself and my business for this goal were HUGE.  

  • Were they attainable.... that was questionable.  
  • Did I set myself up for failure? Again, questionable.  
  • Would I try again? haha probably...yes!  

Why would I try again with all that pain? Because all that pain taught me. It taught me that I can rise again. It taught me that life has another path for me. It taught me that no matter what happens, life is about how I react.  

I ask that you look at how you handled your last blow to self confidence, your last kick to the throat. Did your pity party last all week? Or did you dust yourself off, put on your tiara and say GAME ON BITCHES! GAME ON!  

3 ways to be honest with yourself and dust yourself off

 1. Honour and recognize where you are now. It's not a bad thing to be 20lbs heavier or not have your dream business. It's OK. Everything will be OK. It's time to recognize this is YOUR FIRST STEP to starting over. This is your first step MOVING FORWARD. Honour where you are, and know you are leaving it behind. It no longer serves you!

 2. Reach out. I believe having the MESS (Mental Emotional Support System) is a non-negotiable. Having your MESS will give you someone to bounce things off of and allow yourself to feel and receive feedback. It's always healthy to share honest thoughts and not hold back feelings. Your MESS is also going to be the one that snaps you out of the vortex of negative self talk.

 3. Dust yourself off! Ditch the pity party. AND MOVE FORWARD. Yeah it sucks, life can suck sometimes. But know what? Life is also pretty freaking RAD. So, dust yourself off and appreciate what you do have!

 Moving forward is essential in all walks of life.

Get ready to be honest with yourself, connect with your MESS and move forward.



Now, go enjoy it!

  - Kelsey

Kelsey Davidson