Everyone wins in business

Since moving down to Arizona I have been welcomed with warm arms. I can't say enough positive things about the men and women in the fitness community here. Within 3 short days of being here I had a ball rolling on one of my BIG CRAZY WILD goals from last year. In one connection coffee date I was given who to talk to, what to order and all with warm arms. I wasn't shocked at how smoothly it went, but I also was. 

See, in the last city I lived in Canada, it was somewhat a  small city, maybe 30,000 people. It's a great family community with a strong active lifestyle. It's what I loved about living there!! On the flip side, I'll be honest, owning a home fitness studio  could be intimating at times, with how many other studios and facilities were being opened and available. I usually kept beating to my own drum, saying "There's enough clients for everyone to be successful" and moving forward in my bubble. I'd go for wine with the girls at the local spin studio (Push) and we'd agree: We can all be successful, let's work together. I'd take my son and refer clients to the local Crossfit Studio (Cross Fit 403) because I went there, I trust and LOVE the owners!

 I think, this was a new mantra to some and some took to it and some thought I was crazy. Nevertheless, I knew if my client needed to go to a Crossfit studio, spin studio or yoga studio. I knew if they needed all classes and childcare together, I had a great place (Oranje) for them, too! 

I'd refer them and know they were in good hands.

I took time to connect with these other businesses, build relationships and trust with them - so I could trust my Alive family members with them too.

On the other side of business in our old town was, the common competition theme of:

  • "How many fitness studios do we need?"
  • "How many nail salons do we need?"
  • "How many liquor stores do we need?"

Well, to be honest, we don't need any.

What we need is to do is appreciate what we are given, recognize they are each unique and each attract different clients. 

This has always been my thought pattern

Now, Insert Fitness Alley

"Fitness Alley" as the locals call it,  provides the citizens of this town ONE central location for EVERYTHING. There is everything between a large Cross fit studio, MMA ring gym, Big box co ed gym, small studio gym, multi sport triathlon geared studio, yoga studio, small fitness studio geared towards women, supplement store, smoothie bar/healthy snack place, ALL IN ONE STRIP MALL! Oh, and there's a place there you can also get gear printed. Really anything and everything you need to be healthy or run a health business in one stop. 

hmmm..... interesting...They have taken out the whole "competition" factor and laid out everything side by side.

In "Fitness Alley", the strip mall studio owners work together and everyone WINS (or at least that's what I've been told ;) ) I truly LOVE this idea.

Although each are similar, each are unique, no one is replacing or copying anyone. No one is being sneaky or under mining other business owners. It's all upfront and honest. They're each running their OWN business towards THEIR OWN CLIENTS!

What an amazing idea, cut out the BS and serve your ideal client!

And, believe me, it's the same deal for a local business and a remote business. There are MILLIONS of trainers out there, there are MILLIONS of nutritionists, but not ONE of them is like YOU or YOUR business. NOT ONE! You are truly the only person that can lift and move your clients YOUR way.


 My Message-> Serve your client for their needs and stop the competition! Connect with like minded business owners that understand- we can all be successful. 

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others"- African Proverb

Have a great day