You've got the time... GO FIND IT!

Most of you know, I don’t sugar coat a lot and there’s a reason for that. I want you to know the real me, and trust that I will always give you honest facts, the best service for you and am genuine with you. I have set clients up with other fitness facilities/trainers because I knew my service wasn’t the best fit for their current goals. I could have kept them paying me and kept them as a client, but what service would that do them? In the end, I truly want what is best for you.

I provide heart centered services because I truly care and I feel your struggle. I feel your struggle because I’ve been there. I’ve been the one exhausted, unmotivated and thought I didn’t have time for ME. When I realized the root of all those excuses was ME, I was ready to take ownership of my health. Knowing that I was the one creating the blockage, straight up sucked! I was the one holding myself back! Why?! Who knows? But there I was saying “I don’t have time” or “I’ll do it later” (and oh shit it’s been 2 weeks since I last ran)

 I was the root of all my time excuses.

In a single day, I hear it and feel it from women all over the world saying those exact same statements about their time and their fitness (just like I was) And I also hear and feel women around the world using TIME as an EASY EXCUSE not work out! It’s easy to say, “I don’t have time” when really you do! It easy to say, “I’ll do it later” when it’s something you’re procrastinating or know it will be uncomfortable.

At the ROOT of it all is YOU and YOUR PRIORITIES

Let’s get real and have a real close look at your day:

  •   Do you get an hour-long lunch? If so, what are you doing on it? -> Could you go for a walk on your lunch or do a 20-30 min workout?
  • Do you watch TV at night? If so how much? -> Did you know you could watch your favourite Netflix show on your tablet/iPad while on a spin bike, elliptical or treadmill?
  • After morning school drop off, what do you do? -> The house is quiet, why not do a workout uninterrupted?!
  • After bedtime, do you sit on your couch and scroll through Facebook and Instagram, checking in on what everyone else did for their workout or cooked for dinner? -> Maybe you could inspire someone on Facebook with YOUR OWN workout done!
  • What time do you wake up? Can you wake up 40 mins early for a light snack and a workout? -> Having a morning workout increases your metabolism and kick starts your day!

I specialize in women’s fitness and wellness to support and inspire you to feel alive, with fitness and lifestyle programs.

I do it because I believe YOU can FEEL ALIVE AND STRONG.

I do it because, I’m ready for YOU to start having ownership of YOUR own time-  YOU HAVE THE TIME!


I’m literally sitting here giving you every opportunity possible to workout in your home, at your gym (where you’re already paying to be at) or in a park; customized one on one programs or in a group setting. Oh, and you can’t slack with me, because remember I want you to earn results so with that, I want accountability updates and check in’s! I want you to FEEL ALIVE and provide you with the best option for YOU. (OTHER than me driving to your home, dragging your ass to the gym and making you squat like you mean it!)

I kibosh excuses!


Stop getting in your way!

My action step for you is to:

1.      Schedule it in

2.      Make it happen

3.      Earn results

Done and DONE!

Please let me know how it goes, I love hearing stories of FEELING ALIVE! 

Have a wonderful day 



Kelsey Davidson