Sweat like a GIRL!

Yes I said it, girls and women sweat and know what? It's FREAKING AWESOME!

  • It's my body shinning brighter.
  • It's my body saying "I'm strong".
  • It's my mind saying "I can do this".
  • It's my way of showing off how bad ass I am!!!
  • It's how I express my hard work.
  • It's pride!
  • It's my muscles crying and my heart smiling.
  • It's my therapy!!
  • It's how I show myself and my children I value my health! 

I remember growing and up thinking perspiring is what women do, sweat is what men do. Well, screw that! I work  just as hard OR EVEN harder than that man over there lifting and running. And I'm sweating like him or more than him. I'm not ashamed or hiding it. I'm owning it because it's my reward for my hard work. 

Each drip of sweat is showing me something. 

Each drip of sweat is releasing toxins from my body.

Each drip of sweat is EARNED!

In today's world of computer generating what a women's body "should look like" I'm over here showing the mascara dripping, the sweat pouring down every limb of my body and the pain and push I endure to make myself STRONGER! I say CELEBRATE your sweat! And I encourage you to show  your daughters to sweat with you! 

--> This video clip is from England and I love their message, please share this video or this blog post, as I'm inspiring more women and girls to live more ALIVE, STRONG & FEARLESS!

Have a wonderful day, get your sweat on!


Kelsey DavidsonComment