Stay sane over Christmas with Fitness

Let's be honest, the Christmas season brings out the best and the worse in men, women and children. It's filled with emotion and celebration. It's a constant roller coaster of events, filled with places to be and people to see. With all the expectations over the holiday season, one recommendation I would have for you is to STAY ON TRACK with fitness. 



In one day you may have a coffee date, lunch meeting, 2 kids Christmas concerts and have to hit up the mall at 8pm- days are packed.


Busy time of year but busy time of year doesn't mean neglecting your health and self care.

Why stay active over the holiday season?

  • You will be better equipped to cope and handle emotional situations. With exercise, you gain inner strength and clarity, which allows you to see the whole picture and a new perspective. Christmas is filled with emotional situations and conversations. If you are already in an emotional and exhausted mind set (zero fitness happening); walking into these situations, the end result will not be so "jolly". Do everyone a favour and get your sweat on a couple times throughout the holiday season!
  • Christmas is usually filled with LOTS OF PEOPLE. Lots of co-workers, friends, family and strangers and that constant buzz or energy can get exhausting. Exercising will give you the outlet to ENJOY your own company and enjoy your own space. Find your escape in your workouts. That will truly be your gift to yourself!

How can you stay active over the holiday season?

Let's make it easy, here are 5 ways to do it:

  • At the mall, grab a cup of green tea, peppermint tea or lemon honey tea (a detoxing tea and energizing tea) or water and walk around the mall before you start your shopping (do a full lap before shopping). This gives you a bit of exercise and movement, allows your creativity juices to start flowing and focus to be gained. Also gives you a clear map of what store you need to go into and which ones can be skipped. It gives you a mini cardio session, without thinking about it. 
  • When you have lunch dates or coffee dates, why not visit a local park decorated all Christmasy and walk that. Fresh air brings in new oxygen into your lungs, on a spiritual level will help you feel "lighter. Do yourself a favour and do a deep breathing exercise routine outside with the crisp air. Did you know? Most people breathe shallow and only use a fraction of their lung capacity which doesn't contribute to delivering oxygen to our blood. Give your circulation a boost and breath in the fresh air.  
  • Fall in love with HIIT (high intensity interval training). These workouts are short bursts of exercise and can be done anywhere and everywhere. (Check out the HIIT workout below) 
  • KICK THE FAMILY OUTSIDE on Christmas day. Yep, you read right. I encourage you to kick the family outside and get fresh air. Either it's a hockey game, sledding, bike ride, walk around the neighborhood, get everyone outside. Getting everyone moving will release their endorphin's, their natural happy hormones and also calms everyone down. This will also help with cabin fever that may trigger emotions and situations. 
  • Stay on track throughout the weeks and days leading up. There is no reason except YOU ALLOWING IT TO HAPPEN, that you shouldn't be able to stay on track the weeks leading up to Christmas. There is no reason why you have to stop your routine 2 weeks before Christmas. There will be HUNDREDS of excuses or things to do OTHER than sweating but believe me, you will be better off if you stay committed, physically and mentally.  Reach out to your trainer or your fitness buddy and hold yourself accountable with a goal and a reward at the end. 


Now, one common message I hear from my members and strangers is about the food and drinks at Christmas so  let's talk about GUILT!

Oh my god, it's Christmas. There is nothing healthy about drinking Baileys at 8am and having butter tarts for breakfast but get over it! It's freaking Christmas. It happens once a year. It happens with friends and family. It's one or two days out of 365.Can you please do me a favour and enjoy it. Trust that you will be back to eating healthy and sweating within 72 hours! 

Have a wonderful Christmas season, stay accountable and committed to YOUR health! 

Merry Fit-Mas

- Kelsey

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