I'm done hearing that story....

I'm done hearing your victim story on repeat.

I'm done with your pity party, self doubt and negative thoughts.

I'm done hearing the same story over and over.

I'm done hearing that "I'll start tomorrow, Monday, or January"


I want to see YOU take a step forward! No, No - I WANT YOU TO GIVE YOURSELF THAT STEP! 

I WANT to see the beautiful woman you are, inside and out. I see it every day, yet I hear you say negative things. And it hurts me.  If only you could see what I see, we would glow together. 

My biggest desire is for you to believe in yourself like I believe in you! Believe that you are MORE than enough. Believe that you are MORE than capable. Believe that you are MORE than READY. I know you are! Can you believe in that?

I know it's scary.

 I know it's vulnerable.

I know it gets uncomfortable and shit, who likes that?

Please remember, you are never alone, I will be right beside you through the thick and the thin, in fact I have never left you.

Playing the same victim story in your head, on repeat is getting old. It's exhausting! It's taking away from you. It dims your light. It's not doing anything for ANY BODY! It's only fueling a negative FIRE. Put that shit out and TAKE ACTION. If you want to change as bad as I do, then let's do it! Then let's make it happen. LET'S GET SHIT DONE! 

Trust me with every cell in your body, that I'm leading you towards YOU! I am leading you towards YOUR alignment and purpose! I'm leading you towards a stronger (physically, mentally and spiritually) version of you. TRUST ME, I will not lead you in the wrong direction. Trust that everything I show you is a gift.

Today is your day to STOP that victim story, and start, will you join me?  

Today is your day to TRUST and BELIEVE in yourself, will you join me?

Today is the day you start listening to me, your heart. 





Kelsey Davidson