3 Ways to Strengthen Your Mind

I believe a healthy body comes after a healthy mind. Yes you can have a rocking body and a strong foundation but without a healthy mind you won't see your full potential. You won't see how beautiful your body is. You won't see all your time and dedication into creating that rocking body.

Having a healthy mind, acknowledges and appreciates the time, energy and love invested into the process. Having a healthy mind allows you to see your progress little or big. Allows you to see it all and see your true potential of being limitless.

My members have noticed shifts in their self talk when incorporating a few of these mindful exercises into their regular day. They have noticed that they are less hard on themselves and less pressured in life. 

Having a healthy mindset isn't just for fitness. Having a healthy mindset will trickle into your life in every aspect. You will feel more confident in your choices, personal and professional. You will feel lighter in your pressures. You will gain a new perspective that can help overcome situations of any sort. 

Here are my Top 3 mindset exercises 

1. JOURNALLING - You've heard me talk about it before and here it is again. Journalling is very important in your health. It gives you an outlet to express your emotions in a safe and secure place. It allows you to feel things you may not have "had time to feel" throughout the day and gain perspective of what you have accomplished throughout the day. Again because you may not have "had time" to see it. You will slowly realize you do have time to see your success, you do have time to celebrate and you do have time to feel. We are not robots! We are created with this amazing muscle called a HEART and it not only keeps us alive, it keeps us FEELING! Stop feeling like a robot in auto pilot and start feeling like a HUMAN! Journalling gains this and more. I always suggest starting out with an intention to journal. Journal about your day or journal about what you appreciate and be consistent. Just like working out. Consistency is key. After awhile you can branch out into the type of journalling that you feel called to write about. 

2. DITCH THE "SHOULD BE" AND START BEING INTENTIONAL. Think about your day and how many times or how many thoughts you had with the word "should" and how it brings down what you are currently doing. For example. "I'm having a great afternoon tea with my best friend, oh I should be cleaning my house" INSTANTLY your tea date has guilt associated with it and has been dragged down to the ditches. Why not ENJOY your tea date and say, "I'll clean my house after, right now I choose this". Be intentional with your choices in life, your food, your appoinments, your workout, the people you surround yourself with and GIVE yourself the power to do so. When you start throwing the "should's" around, you start to loose yourself. You start living by everyone elses expectations INSTEAD OF LIVING BY YOUR OWN! Where if you want to enjoy a tea date- DO IT! And screw the should be. Being intentional with your food is a great way to "food journal" as well, another tip I like to share with my members on if they are looking to release weight. A way to check in with yourself on where you are at. Ask yourself "Why you are reaching for the sandwich at lunch or why are you having popcorn at night?" Making sure each bite you have is doing a job of fueling you or giving you an experience of taste. 

3. MEDITATE, BE STILL, STOP whatever needs to happen for you to put the brakes on -do that! As much as life can happen in the blink of an eye, wouldn't it be great to put the brakes on it a bit and enjoy each moment a bit longer. I know there are moments in life, like holding a plank, that I wish would speed up. Then I remember, time is a gift. It's a gift that everyone is given and how we use it is our choice and I choose to enjoy and absorb it all. Meditating allows for your mind to break past the consciousness and uncover your unconscious deep down thinking. It can support you in times of alignment and times of resistance. Meditation doesn't have to be 20 mins, it can be 5 big inhales and exhales and grounding of yourself. Meditation is personalized and each person gets a different experience out of it. I love moments of being still almost like I'm acting like a fly on the wall. I love when I can watch my kids play and they don't see me watching them. Being still allows me to take in my surroundings and see how gifted I am with loved ones and life. Being still also helps me with my career. Allowing myself to stop and look at where it has come from to where it is now and how I have evolved with it, shows me growth and prosperity. Whatever needs to happen for you STOP- do that! Make it happen even if it's 5 deep breathes and game on. It will give back to you in love and reflection. 

Having a healthy mind can be the key to you unlocking your full potential.

  • I have seen women hold onto weight because of the guilt of the "should be's".
  • I have seen women professionally burnt out because they never gave them a chance to STOP and see what they are creating.
  • I have see women ask for more time because time flew by too fast.

Each one of these tools have helped these women love themselves more, love others more, moments of reflection and alignment. AND MORE importantly appreciate their true self. 

I hope you can start to incorporate one of these items into your day regularly and consitently. If you need any additional support or guidance I am here.

Have a wonderful day

- Kelsey

Kelsey Davidson, owner of Alive Fitness & Wellness empowers and strengthens women to FEEL ALIVE again! 

Kelsey Davidson, owner of Alive Fitness & Wellness empowers and strengthens women to FEEL ALIVE again!