Are you a morning person?

I love my mornings!

I love morning cuddles, breakfast with the family, warm lemon water, I simply LOVE mornings. And I get it, not everyone is a morning person, my husband wasn't and over the last few/many years he has become "a better" morning person. 

When I woke up this morning I had my daughter curled up against me, she was talking about missing Daddy and was asking about moving back to Costa Rica or Alberta. See our family is still on an adventure and this transition has been BY FAR the hardest one for us 4. BY FAR! I never imagined that gaining stability would be this hard but it has been and I keep reminding myself, an open heart always wins. 

Anyways, she's curled up against me asking hundreds of questions, I could have easily gone to the mindset of "let's just get up and be on with our day" except I didn't. I listened to her, we had breakfast together, I wasn't on my phone until teeth brushing time. The mornings provide you and I the same opportunity, the opportunity to reconnect to ourselves and our surrounding loved ones. 

When I checked my email this morning I received this email from the Chakra Center and it spoke right to what I was experiencing with my intentional choice to cuddle, comfort and appreciate my daughters voice and disconnect to reconnect, first thing in the morning. The article dives into more great morning habits HERE and explains to you and I WHY these are powerful habits and HOW they can change your outlook. 

10 Morning Habits to Start Your Day Off Right

You and I are both blessed to live another day. We are blessed. Now, it is our choice individually if you appreciate this opportunity or carry on with no acknowledgement. I show gratitude at every opportunity I receive because I know, I can't guarantee the next opportunity will come. Our future is unstable. Our future is unknown. But as long as you trust, believe and appreciate yourself and the universe, it will all play out EXACTLY as it can. 

After reading that article I desired to dive in a little deeper on the fitness and nutrition side. 

Top 3 Tips for Healthy Mornings

  1. Start with the warm lemon water, like explained in the above article it provides your body with a gentle cleanser. It gives your body a "warm up" to your meal and allows for better digestion of your meal. 
  2. Eat an appropriate breakfast. Look at what you're doing in the day and look at your breakfast. Is it the right choice for your demands today? If I run in the morning it's oatmeal, no question about it. If I'm lifting its 1 piece of toast with a nut butter and a banana on top. If I'm in the office, its a piece of fruit and then in 2 hours it will be half a bagel with nut butter or yogurt and granola. Eat according to your day.
  3. I've got a secret... working out doesn't have to be hours at the gym or a 5k run, it can be a stretch or a quick set of 10 squats, 10 push ups and 30 sec plank repeated 3x. Fitness doesn't have to be fancy but you do need to MOVE your body! Moving your body in the morning is one of the best activities for your physical, mental and emotional state. Physically, movement activates the digestive track and warms up the systems. Mentally, movement activates the happy hormones and allows thoughts to flow more freely and gain focus in you. And lastly, emotionally movement requires you to believe in you, you to push past limitations and you to go further then before. Barriers are broken with activities and that can be very emotional. 

Have a wonderful day


Kelsey Davidson