Weights, Cardio, Yoga ... or Zumba?!

Man oh Man

How many options are there available to live a healthy lifestyle?

Hundreds.... thousand maybe .... millions??

You literally could start counting them off and new ones would be added as you were counting!!!


Why????  Because I have a secret..... We are all different!

I love the options because there is LITERALLY something for everyone.

  • If you want to enjoy Latin Dancing, then go dance away with the Zumba crew.
  • If you want to lift and smash PR's, go lift with the Crossfit crew.
  • If you love water, well that opens numerous doors for you, you can do deep water running, water aerobics and more!
  • If you enjoy connections and intentional movements then raise your vibration with the yoga community.
  • (If you enjoy living a healthy and fun lifestyle and enjoy being connected to PRETTY AMAZING WOMEN... then join the Alive Family! Just saying, we're kinda AWESOME! )

Literally for every interest there is a FITNESS partner to it. I could go on and on about what is available and what I believe is effective or safe. But that's not why I'm writing you this.

I'm writing  you this to, INSPIRE you to find something that speaks to you and that you WILL commit to! 

"There's a difference between interest and commitment. 

When you're interested in something, you do it only when it's convenient. 

When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses only results!" 

- unknown

It has been proven that women will commit when they feel supported.

I have seen it first hand, a major deciding factor to committing to a fitness plan, is finding a place where you love the workout AND feel supported and encouraged by the group and the leader. Having all these in one place is where you will find your HAPPY PLACE. Oh Yes, I called it your "Happy Place"! Believe me, I know it's true. It may not feel like your happy place, as you're sweating and swearing but it's true. It's your happy place! It's true because of your endorphin's are through the roof after your workout! You feel on top of the world. You feel like a million bucks!  It's true because you feel strong! It's true because you feel a connection between yourself and other women. It's true because you learn to love your body and mind. See, it's true - I told you! 

Bottom line is:  Commitment is what matters the most.

  • Your commitment  will bring you pride. 
  • Your commitment will give you a healthier outlook on life.
  • Your commitment will push you out of your warm bed at  6 am.
  • Your commitment will bring you stronger arms.
  • Your commitment will cross the finish line beside you.
  • Your commitment will give you strength and love. 
  • Your commitment is where the hard work is at and where you will see the biggest pay off!


And remember this commitment you made,is for YOUR HEALTh and your health only!


So make sure it's a good one and make sure it sticks like GLUE! 

Have a wonderful day