Remove Your Blinders - See your progress!

Week 2 into 2017, and by this point the gyms have received their first payment from the "New Years resolution" gang. The health food stores have had to restock up on eggs, peanut butter, vitamins and supplements. And the cross training shoes are back at their original prices.

All the New Years hype has quietened down and now you're carrying on with 2017. Back to routine!

Already this year I have seen a shift. 

Women have been reaching out to me to discover their selves more and desire to have their strength! I have witnessed the healing from the inside out to be the driver of this year, so far. And maybe because I'm driving that force and focusing my energy on it. Whatever it may be- I'M EXCITED! 

Why am I so excited?

I'm excited because I have seen myself loose weight and me look in the mirror and not seen the 20lbs gone. I didn't see it because my blinders were on.

And if I didn't see it, it wasn't accomplished. Or at least, that's what I used to think. 

When I didn't see it, I felt I wasn't there, or I wasn't enough.

I felt defeated all the time. EVEN THOUGH, there I was at my "goal weight". Over the years and since that episode, I now know that it didn't matter if I cut my hair or lost the weight. How I viewed myself was rooted from my heart, not from my eyes. And with the constant and negative "You're not enough." "You're not there." "You still have do this and this" I short changed myself on the accomplishments that had happened. 

I was blinded and didn't allow myself to see the progress. By blinding myself, I was removing all value from the long hours at the gym, the days where I could of slept in but chose to sweat, the hours of meal prep and MORE. I was devaluing it all because "I wasn't there" or "I wasn't enough" 

Looking inside myself and starting to love and appreciate myself on another level, opened my eyes and heart to what I was accomplishing.

  • It was allowing my heart to feel my dedication and feel my accomplishments.
  • It was giving myself permission to be proud
  • It was creating a stronger momentum within myself
  • It was showing myself I AM WORTH IT!

By taking a step back and seeing the whole picture, it allowed me to see how far I have come and how far I can go. 

Have you ever felt this way?

That maybe when you reach your goal weight or your healthy lifestyle or your business goals - you will then acknowledge the effort and the success.

I ask you this, "Why not acknowledge them now?"

Why not look yourself in the mirror and say "You're doing great, look you've already accomplished  _______ ".

Why not give yourself credit along the way? 

Try it!

And I can tell you personally, by doing this, it fueled my drive to go further. It gave me more focus in my goals and more confidence that I CAN accomplish them! 

Believe me, by loving yourself more NOW, you are opening the doors to becoming a STRONGER WOMAN. 

You will create a stronger desire to succeed.

And you will! 

Have a wonderful day