Motivational Mom Boss Featuring Kristy & Flora

Over the summer I have been creating great relationships with other Mom Boss's and women that are creating an impact locally and world wide. I get filled with excitement and inspiration from talking with these women. They not only are creating a lifestyle of their dreams, they are raising their children and working alongside of their purpose.

I met Kristy & Flora a few weeks ago and asked them to share with us a blog that they had written and wow did they deliver. This blog speaks right to the heart and the head. I have honestly been there, looking in the mirror and saying horrible things to myself. And why? Because I let that asshole of a self talk be negative and take over. I can't say it never happens anymore but I have learned through mind set practices how to minimize the asshole and amplify the "YOU ROCK' Kelsey version! 


"The Most Important Conversation You Have Every Day"

It’s early morning and I’m only half dressed. I go into our tiny bathroom, and when I get up from the toilet I catch my reflection in the mirror. Immediately she starts.

“I have gotten so fat. Ew, I have back rolls. I look gross in these shorts. I’m so ugly.”

It’s my inner mean girl and she’s always miserable. If I let her, that bitch would be in charge of my mental chatter all day.

How many of us decide to start exercising more or eating better with this kind of negative, downright hateful self talk? When the impetus to take better care of oneself starts from a place of self hate however, then it is more focused on a result, on a destination, rather than embracing the journey.

That means that you’ll keep on berating yourself, criticizing your looks, and judging your “success” by the number on the scale or the size of your jeans. You can’t love yourself until you reach your goal (which is often arbitrary or unrealistic).

This is why we believe that to achieve better and lasting results, you need a holistic approach that includes Kristy’s forte, fitness and nutrition, plus my specialty: mindset and faith/spirituality. How we love and care for ourselves stems from our core beliefs of what we deserve, our beliefs create our thoughts, which then inform our actions and dictate how we speak to ourselves.


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