This past weekend...

This past weekend has been building since August 19th 2015! 

  •  I have had it marked on my calendar.
  • I have been talking about it for months and months, attending numerous events for this weekend and sharing Quinn's story.
  • I have been praying for NO RAIN since AUGUST 19th 2015 and MAN did the weather gods LOVE us this year!!! Beautiful blue sky! 


This past weekend was our annual Quinn's Legacy Run Society, it is where we honour Quinn Isla Cormier and honour  other heavenly children, that have past from SIDS. I have had the honour of sharing Quinn's story and how our Canadian government supports SIDS families. Or doesn't support. A few short days after your baby has become an angel, your maternity leave is discontinued and has forced families into horrible corners of life. As a Mother and a woman, I could not imagine the emotional pain, physical pain and the abandonment these grieving women feel. 

I am always honoured and inspired by my dear friend Sarah Cormier, who was featured in one of my Successful Active Woman Interviews read here She shares and inspires from her pain to support other women and families. Sarah has created a grieving group and has become a voice to SIDS. I am BEYOND proud of her xoxo.

Our event, just like many others, rely heavily on the support of the community and the support of volunteers. Our Volunteer Coordinator did a wonderful job with arranging and organizing all of our volunteers. The support from the community has been beautiful too, as we had the Mayor in attendance as well as numerous local family businesses and large businesses step forward to support our voice. 

Looking around I just kept thinking "WOW".


What once used to be a little  ripple effect of little Quinny, has now become a wave.

A wave that will only grow and reach coast to coast with love and compassion for all families grieving from a SIDS loss.  


Look for the event next year August 19th 2017! 


Thank you Airdrie and all my friends & family for their support with Quinn's Legacy Run Society





Enjoy the photos

To see more look up hashtags #quinnslegacyrunsociety or #qlrs2016


Thank you to Arrow Photography for capturing wonderful moments



Kelsey Davidson