Be Inspired by Other Women, Don't Be a Negative Nancy


I always find it fun to watch my children's expressions with anything. Half the time through a Disney movie I'm watching them and seeing their reactions. It's why most of us take our children to Disneyland before they can even remember it! We want to witness their expressions. 

Today, we had a BMX gathering to watch the Olympic trials. The kids again amazed me. How they were all cheering for each one, how they were talking about the bikes, the gear, the athletes form and how fast each pedal stroke was. The chanting and cheering for each rider was so exciting! Not one kid talked ill or negative about another country's riders

My children are among the younger ones in the group yet the sparkle in my sons eyes when he saw them not put their front tire down out of the gates or the shock of AWE when he saw them get huge air! Something my son thrives for. Each time he saw something an athlete did, he would look back to me, and say "Did you see that?" Yes, son I saw that, and I also saw how lit up you were! 

Again, this made me question why as adults do we not get inspired by these moments. More times than enough if we see another woman getting better results, or having more success, we get sucked into the comparison vortex, which sucks you in and spits you out as a Negative Nancy.

I would love to see another woman compliment her on her success, or give a woman a high five in a fitness class for doing push ups from her toes! Some sort of celebration to honour each woman as they are. (PS my ladies in classes are AWESOME at this THANK YOU - LOVE YOU!)

How would that make you feel if someone gave you a pat on your back or a high five? 

Again another life lesson, we have lost along the way of  "adulting".

This week I would love to receive emails on how you motivated or celebrated another woman's success.


Have a Wonderful day feeling Alive


Kelsey Davidson