The 3 E's for them and a "Z" for me

This past Tuesday I co-hosted a half day summer camp for girls ages 10-14 years old, with Gill from Asha Yoga,  I always enjoy these camps for a few different reasons. The main reason is that Gill and I have created a safe, non judgmental and loving environment where the girls open up and some of them say the most inspiring and raw observations. 

I wanted to share with you some of my best highlights and share with you how the girls have made my heart smile

  • When asking the girls about their support system, who believes in them and who is their biggest cheerleader. Some would mention their friends and then some would light up talking about their parents and their siblings. The stories that would be uncovered on how their parents are proud of them and cheer them were beautiful (kudos parents). Then the stories of where a sibling stands up for them and how the girls shared their pride was unbelievable.


  • I must admit that I underestimated the girls deeper thinking. When asking the girls to reflect themselves as an object in nature or an animal, one girl spoke up about how she would be flower with different colour pedals reflecting her different hobbies and personalities. (amazing eh!)


  • When I asked the girls their sense of pride, the girls perked up and owned beautiful character traits of being strong, determined, happy, cheerful, talented, amazing and even sarcastic. Each one of them was proud of their personal traits and what makes them unique. (Life lessons adult women can take- Be proud and Own your own unique style!)


  •  I wanted to share how after a hour of open, non judgmental and loving discussions, the girls were beginning to form their own little tribes and I could witness their self confidence rise as they were talking to girls who were a strangers a hour ago. I could see relationships and connections forming.  


  • Lastly, I wanted to share with you our yoga experience.  Gill gave them the confidence to try new poses and lower their guards.This was fun to watch as each one of them started to discover their bodies ability and have fun with challenging themselves in different poses. They were trying any and all yoga pose possible! (something us adult women could learn and do!!)


We have co-hosted this event twice and have received beautiful feedback from the girls and the parents. I have found that after these events, I find myself more inspired and confident to try new things! 

As much as this event is for the girls, and our foundation for our events are




I feel these young women give me a new and stronger ZEST for LIFE.

A stronger ZEST for women's health!

A stronger ZEST for creating a movement where young women are strong and confident!

A stronger ZEST for being a healthy role model for ALL women to be PROUD of who they are and their unique self!


Thank you girls for your participation in our event,

Thank you parents for giving me the opportunity to share my passion with your young women

and Thank you for my co host Gill, who I truly adore! 


Have a wonderful Day,





(Here is a bonus video for your young women to watch)

Kelsey Davidson