Successful Active Woman Interview Featuring Super Mom Mariana Ruiz

This week I had the privilege of connecting with Super Mom Mariana Ruiz, today she shares with you how she created her business and her passion of helping other Moms.


Mariana's Story-

I studied Nursing and Psychology at the University. I worked in a couple critical care specialties and eventually as a Case Manager. I loved the business aspect of  case management. In January 2015 I was considering starting another Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration but I feared that working in healthcare administration would not give me the freedom I wanted.

I had a friend who was a health coach and we chatted a few times about coaching and I ended up deciding to start a business as a health coach instead of going into another masters program. I saw that coaching could give me more flexibility and allow me to work from home which was important to me as a mom.

My son was still a baby at the time and I felt like I never saw him. I would see him an hour before work and an hour after work before he had to go to sleep. I found out I was pregnant in February 2015 and continued working on my coaching business while pregnant.

In August 2015 my daughter was born at only 28 weeks premature and was in the hospital for over 2 months. When she came home she was on a breathing monitor and I was unable to go to work.

I continued to work on my business during that time and when I could not return to work. I was able to use the income from my coaching business to pay medical bills and I thought...what would it be like if I didn’t have this income? And then I realized that I had a bigger mission to help moms who wanted to create businesses that allowed them to work from home.

I started teaching women the things that I did to make money in my business and I took on some practice clients. In January 2016 I officially launched my new business as a Business coach and have been able to help dozens of women to start online businesses. I have been able to make more money while working from  home than I did in my corporate job consistently since February.


Mariana's vision

My vision is to help thousands, eventually millions of women to build businesses that allow them the freedom to earn money while working from home.

I work from home with 2 kids 2 and under so that alone is not very balanced. I have routines that I follow to help me to get my “me time” and this helps everything to feel more manageable. I get to work on my business during naptime and bedtime.  In the future I see the balance part of my life improving as my children get older and are able to go to school. For now I am happy that I get to stay home with them and spend most of my days with them.

Mariana's motivation

Being fully aligned with my calling is what has me leaping out of bed every morning. I get up really early at around 5 am and I am excited about all of the things that I get to work on in my business.

I get my inspiration from traveling, which thanks to the flexibility of my business, I have been able to continue doing even with little kids. I also love being outdoors I find it so freeing. When I am feeling blah my kids and I love to have dance parties!.

Mariana's Strength

My strength is that I am an extremely good problem solver. I think that I was born this way. As a young kid I was in the chess club in elementary school and I always loved math and science.

Marianas Self Care Routine

I wake up at 5AM every day to do my mindset practice which includes drinking my cup of coffee in peace (I consider that self love as a mom of 2 kids 2 and under!), meditation and journaling. I work out a few days per week with my toddler and we go for daily walks with our dog 2x/day. I like to eat pretty healthy but sometimes this is my weak point. I lost 80lbs a couple of years ago and have been able to maintain most of my weight loss even after  having baby #2. For me my diet is the hardest part but also the most impactful in my overall weight and energy levels.


My website is I provide actionable information to mom entrepreneurs who are looking to build their online business through my weekly blog posts. I also have a support community called the Supermoms! Mom entrepreneurs Support group for where mom entrepreneurs can get support, network and get daily mini business lessons and tips. To join go to


Something Special About Mariana

My passion is to help  mompreneurs to build their businesses so they can cuddle up with their kiddos. I am an entrepreneur because I am living out my calling to help moms who want to have the freedom to work from home.


→. What would be your number one advice for a Successful  Active Woman?

If you want to make it happen it starts with taking the first baby steps. What is one step that you can take today to get a little bit closer to your goal? Okay now go do that! It doesn’t have to be sit down and write a book tomorrow it could be go to wordpress and start your first free blog.

→ .What would be your number one advice for a Woman entrepreneur?

If you don’t ask the answer is always no. This applies to networking, JV partnerships, customers everything. Have confidence in what you are doing and never be afraid to ask.


Thank you for sharing and inspiring us, Mariana. I know many Moms are out there wondering and searching on how to make that JUMP and here you are showing them HOW!

Feeling Alive,