Find Your Tribe and Love them Hard

Over the last couple months, I have experience quiet a LOT of ups (yippee) and a few downs and then there were those turn arounds, maybe I was doing the hokey pokey without even knowing it, haha.

Nevertheless I have a new and larger (if that was even possible!) appreciation for my positive support system and the positive energy they bring to my life. 

First off, I want to set the record straight- LIFE HAS BEEN GREAT!

As I am reading the book Leveraging the Universe by Mike Dooley, I am reminded on how in life, it isn't about WHAT we create in life, it is about HOW we react in life!

Yes I have created a beautiful fitness community and entrepreneur community through Alive fitness and wellness. I created it with the vision on being the place for women to feel supported and encouraged to succeed! As I read this book I fought with the, "I created my business, I created my family...what does he mean? It's ALL about reactions?!" 

Well, apparently, he is a smart cookie.

As I took the night to digest this I realized he was right! Yes, I created this community and I invest energy into it every day, yet it is all about how I react when a person commits to me in fitness or business building. It is how I react when someone succeeds that makes my Alive family thrive. It is how I listen and react when suggestions are made. It is how I celebrate with my clients near and far their accomplishments! 

AH, now I get it.

Yes I created it but without every positive reaction from ME and all my clients, Alive wouldn't be the place to be!

Imagine if I was a Debbie Downer and you rocked your goal and I reacted by saying "that wasn't good enough" or "well you still have to do this, this and this..." GOD that would be horrible. Even typing it I am making the most uncomfortable face ever! uck! 

With me reacting positively I have attracted like minded, strong and positive women!

This past June one of my friends and clients organized a very successful event with her business partner, The Alberta Dames Market . At the market approximately 90% of the vendors wore shirts that said "Find your Tribe and Love them Hard". These shirts were awesome! And how true was that shirt! 

I know if I didn't have my positive support system, reactions would of been a lot different these last few months.


If you have attended any of my seminars,

you most likely heard me share my belief on Support systems.


how our support system is far more than just our friends and family.


It is about having that KEY person.

One who understand you and respect your goals & dreams no matter HOW BIG THEY ARE!

One who will whip you back into alignment when you need to be.

One who will be there to listen to the brain dump of ideas that free flow from your mind & heart.


It is MY CHOICE  and

 it is YOUR choice on WHO you want to surround yourself with.

Keep in mind the people you surround yourself with will subconsciously give you their energy,

good or bad.

And right there can be a turning point in how you REACT in life's situations

Remember to



Have a wonderful day, feel alive & appreciate life and love