Successful Active Woman Featuring the Bubbly Courtney Cope

My Journey as an Entrepreneur

My journey as an entrepreneur was born out of the need to SHOW UP MORE in the world as myself. TRULY myself.

I was a psychotherapist who was having to stay small based on the parameters I was given to work within.

I was a therapist who was broke because the pay was dismal.

Then, I became chronically ill because I was dissatisfied with my life and exposed to a toxic mold infection in the walls of an apartment I was living in at the time and I spent 3 years of my life incredibly ill, with a full-time caregiver, while I tried to cope with what was happening in my life while holding down a full time job as a therapist.

I cried out to the universe, “Get me well, give me another chance, and I’ll DO SOMETHING with it.” The universe delivered and with the most divinely timed medical intervention, I recovered. Fourteen days after I recovered, I quit my job (much to the discouragement of my boss and the skepticism of my family) and became a full-time entrepreneur. 

I moved to Los Angeles, I started a wellness consulting company, I started renting out the spare room in my apartment on AirBNB to support my income while I built my business, my fiancé started making money solely off YouTube views, and I worked for a few month part-time at Starbucks to pad my cash flow for as well. We were IN IT as entrepreneurs, 100%. When we didn't have money for food, we knew, "Time to go make a sale." It was REAL back then.

I knew the entrepreneurial path was right for me because it allowed me to be paid based on my own merits and capabilities PLUS it allowed me time freedom, a necessity in my life plan. I created 100k in residual income within 9 months of being an entrepreneur in the direct sales industry. But I noticed that what was the most rewarding part of earning money in the direct sales model was helping OTHER women reach their goals and dreams (quit their jobs, stay home with kids, supplement their income) and I WAS HOOKED on helping other women achieve their goals.

Soon after achieving income stability in my direct sales experience, I switched over to a coaching role where I could combine my background as a therapist with my skills as an entrepreneur and really HELP women who were trying to make financial magic happen in their own life. And I KICKED ASS at it. Within a month, I knew I had found my CALLING.

What is unique about the work I do now as a coach is how my work has evolved to support high-level women who really need that ultra custom support for their big dreams. I DEEPLY CONNECT and support female entrepreneurs with both making money and the whole-person support system when it comes to building your own business. I’m not a business coach. I’m not a mindset coach. I am a whole-person coach who powerfully shifts you into HIGH GEAR through massive alignment, emotional regulation, and connecting you to yourself. 

Every woman is incredibly powerful and when she has someone punching it up a notch for her by completely seeing her as a powerful woman before she feels like she’s where she wants to be—it creates magic in people’s lives. I like to think of myself as a transformational magic maker. It sounds way better than "coach."


My vision-

My vision for my business is to be a catalyst for creating enthusiastic and sustainable female-lead businesses that are totally empowering and aligned with the woman behind the business. I stand for the slow down, the real, the authentic, the powerful BEING instead of the powerful DOING. My vision is to be the woman behind all the most powerful women out there. The one they can fall apart with. The one they can be real with. The one they can practice authenticity with and bring more of their humanness to the brand they represent. I think being human and real in your business is the most attractive way to bring in customer and clients. People like to know that they can trust you, and showing them your human side along with the glitz makes them love you even more.

My motivation-

I’m motivated by both inspiration and hope in my life and business. I only have momentum if I am LIT UP by what I am talking about. If I don’t 100% believe in what I am doing, I won’t do it. It’s just not worth it. So what keeps me in momentum is staying really inspired and connected to the purpose of my life and remaining in service to others. I fully support playing hooky so you can go find your inspiration versus pushing through it and coming across like you really don't believe in what you're saying to your audience. Be motivated by JOYFUL ENTHUSIASM. That is a real money maker right there.

My strength

When I became ill for 3 years, I didn’t know if I was going to get better. I felt awful every day for years and I became so scared for my future. I remember wanting to die I felt so hopeless about my future and I felt so disempowered in everything I was trying to do because my body wouldn’t keep up. I didn’t realize how powerful the whole experience of being ill was until I recovered and was sharing the story of being ill with someone I had met. She remarked, “Oh my gosh, you must feel like you can do anything after that.” I paused. I realized, I ABSOLUTELY feel like I can do anything after that. My strength 100% comes from my knowledge that I CAN do anything I consciously decide to create and put energy towards. I know every woman is capable of creating her future the way she wants it to be and that she can effect change in her life TODAY with the desire to begin again or begin more powerfully. I stay connected to that power in all that I do.

My Self Care Routine

I NEED SPACE in my schedule for sanity. Don’t get me wrong, I can do a jam-packed week and feel amazing in that. But I also need my down time. And not JUST downtime, but ALONE time. I require at least ONE full day of alone time per week. It’s when I recharge. I also meditate regularly, eat a low sugar, mostly non-alcoholic diet to keep inflammation at bay, and I reflect on how far I have come and how proud I am of myself. Staying connected to where I’ve come from and where I am now keeps me really in a space of gratitude and appreciation, which allows me to stay pretty grounded most days of the week. On days when I feel totally like shit, I let myself have those days without judgment. Those days can be super healing, too.


My website is meant to feel really playful and engaging on a human level. I want people who are already motivated, powerful, and driven to know, THIS IS MY PERSON. But I also want them to know I am human and have a playful side, a sense of humor…I can’t take life too seriously. It’s just not my style. I create change through inspiration and playfulness. That’s 100% my style.

My website basically features the ways you can learn my story and connect with me further for coaching. I want to keep most of the interactions people have with me over skype or over the phone so my website is meant to facilitate that easily.

My website is:

Come play in my Seven Figure Siren Facebook Group: 


Something Special about me

So a random side note about me and my personal life is that I help build a stop-motion animation company in Los Angeles on the side with my fiancé. He is the COO, main writer, main director with a staff of 14 people and I support him emotionally, strategy-wise, and sometimes financially as they get their projects in order. We received our first half a million dollar contract this year which was really exciting, with another half a million dollar contract on it's way mid-year. 

What I love about doing this is really leaning into the entrepreneurial journey as a family and living and breathing what I teach my clients. I see all sides of business, personal growth, and massive action through my lens of experience thus far having been an entrepreneur for the last 4 years.

I am PASSIONATE about building something totally unique and YOU which is what both me and my fiancé try to do every day. It hasn't always been easy, heck no, but it's been rewarding all along the way.

My passion is connection, family, and creating a life that feels good to YOU. To me, that's marrying a man who is in love with being a creative and


→What would be your number one advice for a Successful Active Woman?

Drink water! Ha ha! It's a joke in my house that whenever anything is wrong we say, "Drink a glass of water." Headache? Drink a glass of water. Stomach ache? Drink a glass of water. Drank too much alcohol? Drink a glass of water. Flat tire? Drink a glass of water. I mean, water is just always a good choice in life. It's a bit tongue-in-cheek but it's also VERY good advice ;)

→What would be your number one advice for a Woman entrepreneur?

Take the time to really settle in and find what really LIGHTS YOU UP. Don't settle for what you kinda like or what you're somewhat passionate about. Go for the THING you think you're not allowed to have. Be BOLD, be DARING, be UNAPOLOGETIC. When you live that way, you make magic and miracles happen because people actually NOTICE you :)


Thank you so much Courtney for sharing and inspiring us today. I was motivated about our story and how your physical body shut down, yet your mind believed in yourself and believed there was a higher good for you.

Thank you! 

Feeling Alive


Kelsey Davidson