Just Jump

I am a jumper!

It starts off with an exciting thought pops into my head, then my heart starts pumping and I get a funny feeling in my stomach then- I JUMP! 

  • When I had my first connection with a Life Coach I was hooked! I knew I needed to be it, looked into the schooling - JUMPED and registered!
  • When my friend suggested doing a run to celebrate her daughter and share her story - I JUMPED and became apart of the Society!
  • When I had my initial consultation with my business coach - I JUMPED and hired her!

And this isn't a new thing for me, this has been happening for years upon years!

When I was young, my room mate told me he was moving out to go to University, I figured why not go travel abroad before I find another room mate. A month later I was backpacking alone in Europe for 2.5 month.

See these big experiences don't scare me, I thrive on them. I have always had the mind set "What ever doesn't kill you- makes you stronger." And I don't do it to prove people wrong or prove to myself I can do anything.

I do it because I believe I CAN!

When starting out Alive I was excited! It never occurred to me that there would be trials and tribulations, I just JUMPED. With jumping so fast, I almost skipped the self doubt part of opening a business. Maybe it was because my husbands job was stable and successful that I had him as a safety net, or maybe sub consciously I knew that there was nothing to worry about, the universe had me.

I find when I take the time to think tasks through and think events through, that is when self doubt comes into play and I become wary of the jump.

Why is this?

I believe it is because we have now given time for second guessing of what the universe has put forward. Think of it like a dinner party. The table is set, dinner is made, all that needs to be done is dishing up the food. Now the thoughts of self doubt come into play, maybe the food doesn't taste good, maybe I will drop a plate delivering the food, maybe the chicken isn't cooked all the way and so on. When we accept what the universe puts in front of us, we must trust in it.  Imagine if you just JUMPED and served the dinner without a hesitation. Everyone would be enjoying it with happy stomachs, not self doubt gut rots.

{Now I do acknowledge that some tasks and events do need some time to think it through and not everything can be a JUMP situation but what I ask is to remove the self doubt, you are more than capable to handle whatever is given to you.}

Every connection, every learning experience, every bad day has created the human you are TODAY!


When clients, friends and family self doubt themselves I respond by saying "What is the worse case scenario?" Many times when people answer that, the answer mirrors self doubt and looks a lot smaller than before.

Moving forward, I would love for you to ask yourself that question.

What is the worse case scenario?

Even if it has to be with the littlest event or task.

Ask yourself the question, then weigh the positive and the negatives and remember that the universe has presented you with this for a reason.

Come from a place of giving and receiving, non judgement and appreciation.

AND then JUMP!!!

Feeling Alive,